Amazon announced the selection of the total overseas purchase exceeded 10 million

Mar 5, 2017 zlxsfutf

NetEase Francisco March 2nd news, Amazon announced today that overseas purchase products exceeded the total of ten million, in addition, relying on the bonded / FTA model of sea · outsourcing; flash purchase, also achieved sales of nearly 10 times the growth in the first half of the operation room.

after a year of development, Amason overseas purchase the products from the 80 thousand to the development of on-line now covers 29 categories of more than 10 million, gathered 7 stores around the footwear, clothing, baby, toys, kitchenware, digital and outdoor sports and other various themes in the store.

, clothing, footwear, jewelry, watches, bags and other fashion trends Home Furnishing category only in the past month among the about 2000000 expansion, occupy half of the country’s overseas purchase of products.

days ago, about cross-border tax rumors, the impact on the Amazon? China Amazon vice president Niu Yinghua said that Amazon covers from the bonded area, many sources of imports of general trade or hedge trade, with policy adjustments to ensure that consumers get the lowest prices. (Su Su)

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