Eleven 50% of the respondents did not receive serious delays in delivery of goods

Mar 5, 2017 zlxsfutf


in November 11th hit a new record sales network, the express industry has also ushered in tremendous challenges hitherto unknown. According to reports, from November 10th to 17, the national mail (express) volume is expected to reach 586 million.

last weekend, the Chongqing morning news public opinion research center jointly Chongqing Lixin market research company research it site for 571 people involved in the November 11th online shopping, launched an online survey.

Although some people have a lot of dissatisfaction with the

, but the survey found that, as of 14 pm yesterday, 72% of respondents to the buyers this year electricity supplier Shopping Festival express service overall satisfaction, 86% of respondents express to keep up with the rhythm of understanding.

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