11 two friends Tucao grab the goods return to grab the cramp cold cold heart

Mar 5, 2017 yulqsfbv

double eleven already in the past, leaving 57 billion 100 million yuan turnover legend. The sellers are busy contemplating profit when, some buyers are busy and the waiter who discuss how to return. There are buyers Tucao, grab the goods "grab the hand cramps, return to the heart of cold pull." With the model is not the same ah, buy to find no use, no good cheap goods ah, more than and 10 days have not shipped"…… Various Tucao endless.

statistics show that last year’s double eleven Tmall return rate of up to 25%, some businesses return rate is as high as more than 40%. Analysis of the industry, in the first half of this year than last year’s turnover of more than half of the premise, the rate of return is also expected to be higher than half. Reporters found that in the sale of second-hand goods platform to double eleven during the purchase of the number of items in the name of sales increased compared to last year.

to move the new house has not yet delivered a new bed

working in Fenggang, Miss Yu eleven double from a furniture store on the Internet took a bed of three. In the order, the seller promised a week or so arrived. However, until yesterday, Miss Yu, the order of the state is still the buyer has paid, waiting for the seller to ship".


more than a few times to communicate with the customer service, the response is either too much or too much to ask for understanding, or is no answer. This makes Miss Yu very depressed, because more than Miss new houses have been submitted, the decoration is basically completed, ready to move into a new home this month. "Now other furniture can almost door-to-door, missing a few beds, moved in or can not live ah." In desperation, Miss Yu can only choose a refund from other channels to buy a new bed.

10 pieces of clothes back to be drawn into the shipping insurance blacklist


double eleven return this year rate data has not yet been agency statistics, but in various social networking platform has a lot of people broke some of the stores the return rate, such as a well-known brands of mobile phone, in eleven when the world single reached about one hundred thousand, but five days after the return rate has reached 15%. Clothing goods is the return of the high incidence area, a Dongguan netizen exposure to buy 10 clothes back to the 7.


reporter contacted the friends, the female netizen surnamed Li, working in a business unit. Miss Lee said, eleven that night, her shopping in the middle of the night, take 10 pieces of clothes, a pile of cosmetics and some kitchen utensils. These days the clothes arrived in succession, but get the clothes, Miss Lee dumbfounded. "I’ll try one, and six don’t like it." Miss Lee said, the reality is too cruel, "obviously models wearing nice dress, to his body on the way."


, Miss Lee to buy clothes when the purchase of freight insurance, which makes 7 clothes returned she did not lose too much shipping. But unfortunately, due to the return of too much, she was pulled into the blacklist of insurance companies, which means that she would like to return next to bear their own freight.

platform used transfer cargo but shaorenwenjin

in addition, Miss Lee on a double eleven under a pot

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