Music a new way to promote the 20 thousand film approach

Mar 5, 2017 uzfthmxj

          I will approach my local customers how to transfer 1-2 month million yuan (do we recommend to the local data of friends, I can look at the method, whether there can be cited advantages. On your site)
          the station is in local free movie network. Local data. 480G was with 3T about the sources of compressed, because there is no pressure. So, behind me to do these, are relatively smooth..
          as the webmaster, just before the start of a half months, -3 months, mainly engaged in data, not how the development of website traffic, I also belong to a more conservative webmaster, less likely to develop. Only. 4000IP/ is developing now. Five months time. Almost。 More than 10 thousand point IP. Is not too high, although the IP up, but I found that now do SP or click on the ads like this is not money, so I angrily, to remove the ads, make green movie network!
    concomitantly, facing the problem is even greater, and finally there is no way in the admin5. im286 sent a few ads, sell cheap local 500G data, send phpmysql program + pictures + database + year technical service. A customer of 2200..
    the two largest station worthy the exchange forum for the China station, on average every day 3-5 personal contact me!! Make local movies. There are people who contact me, let me help them contact a good point of 100M bandwidth, I halo ah!!! Finally, only two units per single contact machine!
    after fifteen, in our city, I contacted, five Internet cafes, to give them the local data, send phpmysql + program + pictures + database + year technical service + free to send a month data update service, after the monthly update. 100 film costs…. I feel that the Internet bar to do business, to do more local owners to be more than pine, because after all, people’s Internet cafes, but also not bad these thousands of dollars, people are. 300-500 to Taiwan machine… Internet cafes, I have received people.2500 block /, almost all send. Two month data update service… Although tired, but I believe.. Will be better and better!!!
    give you a look at my price list, the local data of friends, if there is an opportunity to develop, a comparison with an Internet cafe or company cooperation projects.. You can borrow jian
    Internet cafes: the movie 500G (no local data sources is equivalent to about 3T compression) + data update (should) + technical support (important) + + database ==>.

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