Ma Yunshuang 11 will start the proposal the establishment of E WTO for small and medium enterprises

Mar 5, 2017 fuhunxpj

38888 yuan, Ma Yun took the first 11 double scan code! Price about forty-five thousand, weighing 68 kg of an entire Nissan bluefin tuna by Ma Yun in the Tmall and the world’s largest fresh meow fresh Association signing the scene display area using a mobile phone Taobao camera scan code. It is reported that the bluefin tuna is within 24 hours from the Japanese fishing cryopreservation chilled, fresh with the product in a low price sale meow.


technology news news October 13th, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma said today at the 2015 Tmall global double 11 Carnival ceremony, double 11 is only a beginning, in the future to make global buyers and sellers are more easily and more freely, buy global sell worldwide, to help the world using the Internet technology to meet the seller consumer demand. He also said that WTO is good for large companies, but should also establish a E-WTO for the benefit of small and medium enterprises.

Ma Yun at the scene, said, this year, we held eleven global Carnival in Beijing. In the future, Tmall will be able to do 11 global Carnival in Chile, Paris, New York, Belgium, anywhere in the world is possible".

Ma Yun revealed that he recently visited the United States, people have asked what he Chinese economy, a lot of people are worried about Chinese to slow down the speed of economic development. "Every time I see foreigners worried about China, they think China will not work, China will become better."

Ma seems to slow economic growth in order to grow healthily, China should be used to slow up, learn to build a slow but healthy economy.

Ma Yun explained that over the past 30 years Chinese economy has three carriages, the first one is investment, second are exported, third domestic demand, however, the front two carriages, finally this is actually carts. How to get people to spend money out of their pocket? This is the business of doing things, entrepreneurs should do.

, in his opinion, domestic demand in the future will become a real coach, the next ten years China will become a focus of the domestic country, and from the exporter to importer, from investment in infrastructure power into infrastructure management power. This change is not only an opportunity for China, but also an opportunity for the whole world.

and how to achieve the potential of domestic demand? Ma believes that the most important thing is to use the Internet, the use of e-commerce. "The first revolution of science and technology using steam engines, the release of people’s physical strength; the second technological revolution is an energy revolution, so that people can go further; the third technological revolution is not about how strong your fitness, not about how far you can go, but you can get about how clever, let people to release their information the brain is about knowledge, wisdom, sharing and transparent".

In addition to

, Ma also talked about, IT era will enter the era of DT, which is the data age. IT to help the manufacturing sector, is to support the business model of B2C, but DT is not the same, DT>

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