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in the second half of 2009, Shen Zong came to Shanghai from Ningbo opened a fresh supermarket chain, the first more than and 500 square meters, business is good, but only a month later turned off.

, the total is the kitchen Yi Yi era (fresh O2O mode) founder Mr. Shen Junwei (@ kitchen easy era – Shen Junwei). Is he a successful entrepreneur in traditional industries, but now nest in dealing with office every day and a pile of miscellaneous things, I joked that if I were you, early to pack a mountain to live in seclusion".

why do I turn off the fresh supermarket?.

he summed up the five deadly points of fresh supermarket chains:

1, a few hundred square meters can not meet the needs of consumers (unless the husband and wife shop), and the cost of large-scale rent is too high;

2, fresh energy consumption of the industry is amazing (water and electricity, etc.);

3, each category requires personnel procurement, tallying and professional background operation, labor cost is very high;

4, consumers have to pick and choose the habit of natural loss high to make you mad;

5, manager of the business management ability is related to the survival of the store;

fact, the above points are also the entire fresh industry weaknesses. Turn off the stove does not mean that the supermarket can make a detour, but after a period of shallow beach, Shen Zong have a more profound understanding of the fresh industry.

talking about fresh nature from fish eyes: "fresh"

and Shen always talk about the fresh industry, he will flow.

taught me a few tips to identify methods of "fresh": how to identify the fish is fresh fresh? Kill fish, cooking after the eyes are bulging, rather than fresh is concave.

fresh prawns, living directly packed immediately after 0-5 degrees refrigerated, after natural death (about 3 hours) and then cooked shrimp shape must be curled, if the shrimp body vertical or turn around, it must die in shrimp into the refrigerator before.

we all call themselves chowhound, but professional chowhound is not much.

you go to the market to buy fish, fish boss is usually to kill fish, "bang……" The fish fell on the ground, or "bang……" A knife to beat the fish die, and then go to the scale of the internal organs…… "But the Europeans and Americans don’t like to eat fresh food." Shen Zong said.

because all living in them must have a row of acid process, we used some frozen meat consumption thinking is not good, it is because we are in storage and frozen, Europe and the United States is in acid and frozen, there are temperature and time limit strictly, ensure that you get the hand is the safest and most fresh ingredients.

acid process is less than 2-3 hours, more than 12 hours or more, our consumers do not know >

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