Dialogue hall fun electricity supplier stood up to make money on the way

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said "spring uncle Lin Degang is a busy man. After 2015, he operated Adult supplies electricity supplier brand hall "obviously entered the expansion trend of wildly beating gongs and drums.

March, chunshuitang completed 80 million B round of financing, in June 9th, in the "transformation sale; Adult supplies shopping festival and intelligent hardware Strategy Conference, released 10 new taste of intelligent planning, including virtual reality VR aircraft cup, VR vibration rod, intelligent aircraft cup, intelligent vibration rod, intelligent vibration ring, intelligent men exercise ihole knead milk, intelligent division Ibra, intelligent mini, iball and iball, and plus etc.. Not only that, Lin Degang shows also entered the "Fun Hotel" and "the ambition of ordinary people in the field of bedroom.". In August, Lin Degang suddenly changed in 2017 in the domestic gem listing plan, announced chunshuitang will enter the new board, and try the O2O business, work together and drops a taxi, Jingdong and other companies, pushing fun supplies home service.

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hall is no longer sell Adult supplies — although more love Lin Degang with "sex toys" to refer to the word, if it is to become what? The "spring uncle" of Tencent technology chunshuitang said, the future is to become the "sexual relations become lovers and private butler". In an interview with the love child norm, he has further more clear positioning, spring pool "coming from Adult supplies business transformation for the company, ecological health industry. The future will be extended to intervene in the field of counseling, get rid of the cognitive and intellectual barriers."

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chunshuitang sudden transformation.

Lin Degang founded the hall for 3 years, the second half of 2005, he will be the company’s product positioning, "from a health industry into the fashion industry, the user group from the past into a couple, masturbation crowd (sales Adult supplies purpose) in order to increase their sexual pleasure." From 10 years ago that the taste of supplies is also biased in the 1990s, Lin Degang had a breakthrough on the positioning "fun activities". It is from then on, the hall began to work closely with top fashion magazines, as sexy actress A Duo, film star, stage actor Jiali Tang and other stars to provide customized clothing.

, however, today, "sex" is still a sensitive topic in the discussion of Chinese daily, obviously change the traditional concept in a day. In 2008, Lin Degang chunshuitang positioning for further development, to make it more clear, "a commercial positioning: chunshuitang to become the leading supplier of adult health; a cultural orientation: producers and disseminators of Chinese sexual and intimate culture."

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