Another social networking site encounters domain portal event

Mar 5, 2017 ijtbcwii


technology news October 21st news, social networking sites Chinese adds new army, a Shanghai company called honey show announced a strategic cooperation with Japan in the social networking site MIXI, and today officially launched the "Honey show" in social networking sites. The site in April of this year to prepare for the preliminary test in August. MIXI is Japan’s largest social networking site, mainly to provide logs, groups, albums and other network functions, listed in Japan in September 2006. Currently, MIXI is second only to Japan’s YAHOO, the monthly page visits reached 11 billion 800 million times, with more than 15 million registered users.

Shanghai honey show allegedly with the Japanese MIXI has reached an exclusive strategic cooperation, its page design and function settings are very similar to MIXI, but its friends and other databases did not dock with the Japanese MIXI.

but in China has emerged about the development of the honey show cottage network (

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