1 billion electronic books on 50 million There have been a number of Tmall stores

Mar 5, 2017 yulqsfbv

news October 13th, the day before, billion state power network received informants broke the news, has claimed 3 years to complete the transaction amount of 1 billion yuan, has a number of Jingdong, Tmall store book electricity company "Intel China group was found to have more than 500 employees owed wages (another argument for more than 300 people, involving an amount of 4000~5000 million yuan). The line said that the longest arrears of up to 10 months, there are nearly 200 people apply for labor arbitration or litigation to the court.

The original

yingtehua executives told billion state power network, Intel Huaqi has about 29 books distributed in the shop, Tmall, Jingdong, Amazon, Dangdang platform.

billion state power network had tried to get in touch with the Intel China Group Chairman Yang Yongming, but after that the identity of the state power grid, the other directly hung up the phone on the grounds of "do not need". As of press time ago, it has not given any reply.

public information, yingtehua group to do the traditional book wholesale sales started, and then turn the electricity supplier. Its core profit from the sale of Tmall books, composed of a number of outlets nationwide, and has its own storage. In 2015, Intel China around the industrial park investment, electricity generation operation transformation.

500 debt or come back?

is one of the important person broke the news, in May 12, 2016, its chairman and yingtehua Yang Zhiming signed the agreement, commitment to specific time of payment of wages, and indicate if it fails to perform their duties, to its subsidiary fixed assets. However, the resignation of staff stressed that the agreement has not been implemented on the promise.


in a "yingtehua workers" in WeChat, billion state power network found that many staff over Taoxin.


WeChat group chat screenshot

billion state power network were wages employees found in separate communication within the group more than former employees are owed wages in the 3~40 million range. One employee said, his labor arbitration has to enforce the court stage, but instead of signing the labor contract yingtehua (Beijing) International Cultural Exchange Center said no money in the account. "They seem to be transferring fixed assets, and the arbitration is still in place." In view of the temporary transfer of assets to obtain yingtehua evidence, those claiming to be on a staff only through social media to tell the grievances.

billion state power network found in micro-blog, know peace, tenderness and other platforms are also many suspected yingtehua employees pay talks.




part of micro-blog, know almost salary content screenshot

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