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Nov 29, 2017 ocypcrog

program at home and community webmaster do than DISCUZ and PHPWIND, the author has used DISCUZ program built a community forum, also absorbed the optimization techniques of former Alibaba Shanghai Longfeng supervisor Guoping teacher discuz, here is a summary of what I have learned and mastered the program optimization means and methods, in order to facilitate better let your forum is search engine grab and included, and thus enhance the rankings, to get high quality flow. Groundless talk to say as little as possible, we began to cut to the chase.

Discuz URL, a static set and regular expression

The first following referenced content:

# will be opened in RewriteEngine mode

RewriteEngine On

# modified in the following statement after the RewriteBase address for your forum directory.


# rules do not modify Rewrite system

RewriteCond ($%{QUERY_STRING} ^ *)

RewriteRule ^topic- (1) .html$portal.php? Mod=topic& topic=$1&%1

RewriteCond ($%{QUERY_STRING} ^ *)

RewriteRule ^article- ([0-9]+) – ([0-9]+) .html$portal.php mod=>?

so you can use the static URL Rewrite Rules to solve this problem, here I list the static rules of writing, for reference:

careful webmaster friends will find in the background of the Discuz1.5 comes with a static URL function, and the default written static rules. But the static page posts and no default post page rule is: thread-{tid}-{page}-{prevpage}.html, its meaning is: the thread-{ID}-{ID}-{page Posts post list page posts where the current ID}.html, but there is a problem in the current post the list page ID "here, if a post is the latest the latest published or reply to it, this is the first ID page, the URL number is" 1". But if this post for a long time no reply when sinking, the ID do not know a few, may appear on page second, may also be on page tenth. So every post URL change often, will also have a lot of repetitive pages, and URL often change, the current post accumulation will lose weight.

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