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Sep 16, 2017 kgpatmos

station only included not included in the page, in the past 10-15 days included, so this phenomenon is not surprising, but now some owners will find love, now Shanghai to the railway station is not so simple, but some will only included the home page not included in the page, even one or two months are not included in the page the following diagram, this could be a new love Shanghai adjustment algorithm, then why the station only included not included in the page, and the blog together Fujian Shanghai Dragon (www. Shanghai dragon hyq贵族宝贝) see.

webmaster know noble baby a sandbox, usually will put out in 6 months or more, only the PR value, Shanghai is also a "love letter to establish the mechanism of term", which is reflected in the collection of new sites, from the above chart shows, the new assessment of Shanghai now love more and more strict. The longer time, while the Shanghai first love your home, because home is high weight, but the inside pages is not included in the assessment period, love Shanghai, love in Shanghai is how to determine the assessment period or other problems, which can be seen from the web log, every day is not a spider crawling back. The code is 200 or 400 or 404 code etc..

1, a period of building trust

website design problems, whether to take many of the search engine friendly JavaScript, flash, iframe etc. to design a website, want to know the spider is no way to read JavaScript, flash, not excessive pursuit of website appearance, while ignoring the usability of iframe, included in the framework of the content is not to read, the iframe framework has now replaced by DIV+CSS, and the website template is changed frequently, the word around whether the changes and so on, will reduce the love on the website of the Shanghai trust.

2, the quality problems of

does not have the value of content is not the content of the site, not the content of the website is not helpful to the user, the user of useless web search engines will sniff at the purpose of providing search engine, is valuable for users needs useful information, so the new station, not to collect articles or use false original tools, I also know a locomotive software acquisition, the content of the website Everfount, Fujian Shanghai dragon blog you want to say to myself that is not responsible for, if you want to others to you, for the article should pay special attention to a few points, correlation, quality, reading, can not have no relevance, is not running account, there must be some depth, meaning people always make people love.


4, robots.txt

the new site, especially did not grasp the structure of the web site webmaster, there will be a lot of concerns, often is the first banned spider crawling, until the structure of the site set up to allow the spider crawling, and lifted the robots.txt time about a week or so, Fu >

3, the website structure

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