The relationship between Shanghai and the quantitative factors of the Dragon

Sep 16, 2017 lqqehqsj

, your website data better than competitors, like your performance better than colleagues, you just watching colleagues promotion and salary raise.


we do Shanghai dragon is actually the maintenance of this process some quantitative data. If the data is better than peers, and continued toward the good direction, the site’s ranking will rise steadily.

when every love Shanghai update, always a few happy worry. Needless to say the rankings, ranking off friends, mostly do not analyze the reasons for summing up experience, but to take the same actions: complain. Shanghai love a good cheap ah! So the website can also refuse the first row! What my site looks much better than he was at K.


two, your website data in the back, and you give love to do with Shanghai is low, Shanghai love is cruel, as a boss, once you can not continue to contribute, you will be fired, your home under the old and small all depend on you, you did not eat with the boss a half cents relationship at all.

here, cause website ranking drop is very simple.

it is worth noting that many factors is the comprehensive effect, for example, you might say I chain more than him, why he ranked as? The reason is very simple, because your chain is more than him, but other factors you as him.

so, determinants of love Shanghai ranking must be quantified, which some factors can be quantified? Such as the chain, such as the page residence time, bounce rate, update the number and frequency of flow, the future may include social media communication and the number of praise. It should be said that all quantified factors are what we do should consider the Shanghai dragon.

love Shanghai optimization is the same reason, the love of Shanghai is a very sophisticated search engine. At the same time, love is just a program in Shanghai, he put a web site in the first place, behind all the data as support. He will not be the subjective factors as judgment factors, because he is not smart enough to determine whether a site is good-looking, he is not necessary. As the company’s general appearance as not to the appointment and removal of factors (except model company).


reminds me of one thing: some people in the company, promotion and salary raise other colleagues, often think of his ability is not worth learning. But, because she is more beautiful than me "," she’s having an affair with the boss "and so on. In fact, a normal company, as long as the boss of the brain is not water, is not possible because of the subjective factors to dismiss employees. The company promoted employees there are two reasons: 1, to the company made outstanding contributions; 2, better performance compared with other colleagues. All the factors can be quantified, such as performance and contribution, can use the data. But this looks subjective cannot use data to support, not to mention the relationship looks pretty with half dime?!

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