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Sep 16, 2017 zkwmegmu


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through the diagram you can see today only 13 user is searching the "Wuhan Shanghai dragon" this word came to my blog, see the data some friend or unbelievable, 240 index results only 13 IP in, but as our Shanghai dragon ER on the data or acceptable. After all, this is an industry word, and many webmaster in the keywords ranking, so many webmaster every day to see the word search keywords (of course, I also like, every day will do a little contribution). I also wrote an article in Shanghai love index statistics right? So do such word up, want to take a single role of friends or not, rather than directly to the users to search the word "Wuhan website optimization company" "Wuhan site promotion company" "Wuhan site promotion service" "Wuhan website optimization of service" and so on, many users may directly search words like love. So we took over a site, to consider a number of factors, not only through the love of Shanghai query index to determine the keyword of the website, if my blog is to pick a single optimization, then I can responsibly tell you that my keyword selection fails, after all, many users still don’t know what is the Shanghai dragon, they only according to their own thinking to search. So we do in the wake of an industry, to continue to stand in the user’s point of view, so we choose the word just targeted, can we bring effective flow to the website, our marketing success, Shanghai dragon’s purpose is to maximize the benefits, advise the webmaster friends don’t care too much ranking. This article will write here, right away 12 points, thank you support.

but every day through the word came to the blog search user is rare. My Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog now the words "Wuhan Shanghai dragon" is ranked third love Shanghai, here’s a look at my blog today how many users are searching the keywords to my blog.

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Wuhan Shanghai dragon in the word of love Shanghai third has been for several days, we love Shanghai index search words can be found the word Wuhan Shanghai dragon daily index is about 240, hit can look the following screenshot:

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