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Sep 12, 2017 nejtztqx

2, improve the basic functions of the site

3, web site keywords

1, select the domain name and space


The layout of

new station on the line at the beginning of the selected site must be considered overall keywords and reasonable layout, especially.

must be based on good domain name and space, want to let the site later get more use, show its value from the points, so the details must be strictly in the domain of choice must be based on the actual situation of the enterprises, often select the domain name in China on the need to grasp whether the domain name suffix, Lenovo remember, whether can even reflect the corporate brand. The telephone or initials of the domain name choice enterprise can grasp the relevant keywords, remember the website domain name must be short and don’t be too long. And the website space for the purchase of more important issues to consider the need to configure, traffic restrictions, restrictions and IIS which have the basic functions, which need to be considered, especially for space velocity and stability must pass the test data. It is recommended to grasp the domestic authoritative server business space in the purchase of space, and do a good job of monitoring the operation stage in the process, once the space problems, timely and effective treatment, of course, the best case is the use of server.


rapid development of the Internet, the website utilization rate is gradually rising, more and more websites have sprung up, for new sites, how to do the planning of Shanghai dragon? It is a lot of marketing problems, the need for in-depth thinking, the final conclusion. After the website design from the beginning to the line and in the process of operation, an essential part of these Shanghai Longfeng credit er. In the new planning process must be done for each stage of the planning of Shanghai dragon, only the only way to fully reflect the value of the site and the rapid, rapid increase in the overall ranking of the website on-line operation stage. So, how to make the new Shanghai dragon plan

station at the beginning of the construction, must also be carried out to improve the basic function, not just for the search engine, it is in order to meet the user experience. The basic function of the website is the main site of the sitemap.xml map, 404 pages, 301 permanent redirect, handling dead links, robots.txt file settings, these must be one by one treatment and continuous improvement. Sitemap.xml site map function is more convenient for the search engine spiders to understand the basic structure of the website, more conducive to crawl and grab the site map, should take the initiative to submit to the major search engines. While making 404 page is mainly to improve the user experience, allowing users to experience different visual. URL jump 301 permanent redirect normally will not bring WWW to the WWW web site, prevent the weight of the dispersion, and the processing error link is the use of user experience.

The new

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