Shanghai dragon realm of ascension from the human perspective

Sep 11, 2017 ijtbcwii

The most prominent parts of website is the most important content of

, a website where the most conspicuous is the first screen, so we have to put the core in the title you need on the first screen position, rather than put on all sites on the slide. This slide can not solve the user any problems that occupy the most important place for users, this is a kind of interference. The title of the site description and user in the first sight that there is no match with its search keyword matching, only the most basic, more important is to solve the problem, many web sites have to consider this issue, though it may also provide a website user required content, but the user into its website >

what is the website is very user-friendly? First your navigation is clear, let users come to know what it is looking for where, instead of looking for a long time did not find. Sometimes users do not know what is a good thing, but users will judge the bad things, such as a never used mobile phone friends, you give it an apple mobile phone, it will feel that this mobile phone is also good. After he spent some time with him when a poor mobile phone than apple mobile phone, it will miss the original apple mobile phone. So long as your website in your colleague is good enough, most users will contrast, finally will choose you.

What is the highest level

with each person to make Shanghai Longfeng the length of time, is not the same for Shanghai dragon understanding, such as a just entered this line of people think that it is a very advanced technology. Especially do some keyword ranking after the failure of this technology is how to think more unpredictable, because study hard every day, see a skill or what the website can be improved from where, hurriedly put your site changed. This is just the beginning of Shanghai, especially easy to appear, do wait until after a period of time, have a certain understanding of Shanghai dragon after Shanghai dragon will feel, in fact is not that God, in addition to understand the principle based search engine, is to understand the needs of customers, users need what kind of content will collect what the kind of content to the user, to meet the needs of users to retain users, then continue to website each small place were continuously improved, at this time the Shanghai dragon has come to the user experience of the stage, but this is not the highest level.

Shanghai Dragon Technology? Think it is from the angle of human nature, starting from the basic needs of the people, we can often hear a word called humanity. What is the human nature, human nature is to meet the basic needs of everyone. When the content of your website or design to reach this place and continue to improve, you don’t need to respond to what love Shanghai has launched a new algorithm so, because no matter how to change the search engine. It is no way to change, that is to provide the highest quality website to the user, the best answer is provided to the user, when you can do it in this case, you don’t need to worry about what changes in the search engine algorithm, because the search engines also cannot do without the quality of the website.

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