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Sep 10, 2017 ijtbcwii

today I when watching a video of the Shanghai dragon screen, said Shanghai is dragon in the game with the search engine. If so, I can only regret to say: you lost, the search engine K is you! I think no webmaster can really dare to shout to beat Shanghai, love baby this noble heroic utterance? Even if you really can beat, I think you already belong to them people at this time or to build their own search engine. We do in fact or in the Shanghai dragon with search engine running, how the family "convulsions" I have to come, this is who also cannot change the fact that, after all, Shanghai dragon is based on the search engine based on. Shanghai dragon is a search engine and the game itself is a mistake, if so, do you think love Shanghai and noble baby will be.

search engine principle? Have you ever thought, every love Shanghai "ventilation" for what? Why love Shanghai "ventilation" your ranking is down? Maybe this time you will study hard you outside the chain, you false original etc.. We actually have the order reversed, the chain, pseudo original all these can not be considered as search engine principle or algorithm, at most only a reference basis. Now let us think: love Shanghai or noble baby set up a search engine for the purpose of what? In order to be able to give users more accurate and effective better search services, so users can often use search engines that bring more profits. The search engine "ventilation" is to be able to do this well point to "draft". The search engine is "ventilation", explains its search service more accurate, more user centric experience. Why then your website ranking dropped? Is that your site does not meet the principle of search engine, it will be down right away, ranking.



is based on the search engine, it seems a nonsense but actually do and how many people? When we do the chain crazy, crazy pseudo original time, you have to really want to do so if there is a real meaning to the search engine? Although not specifically in Shanghai dragon, but when you see so many people in order to optimize and improve, really feel very sad. They really pursue the wrong, in fact they did not know the search engine of the heart.

So what is the

this is many webmaster often asked a question, especially for a novice webmaster encountered such a situation is at a loss. If you are an experienced Shanghai dragon Er will tell you that as long as the clear search engine principle and algorithm OK.

search engine principle

Shanghai dragon is a search engine and game

Shanghai dragon

why do I flow less? Why my ranking dropped? Why do I do so many of the chain or not

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