Shanghai Longfeng service providers in Taobao optimization you cheated you

Sep 10, 2017 hhasebcm

often do for network optimization friends all know, in many companies, their demands are very harsh, such as the Shanghai dragon in charge often to quantify the work of subordinates, such as certain you must update the number of articles today, how much the chain and so on. However, if all such as the leadership of the company mentioned, so this is very clear in the company told us not to go to the tube optimization techniques what do you use, but want to see is the website ranking.

to tell you the truth, he had heard the plan, really heart envy hate ah, I >

it should be around 2012, and then friends into a corporate website optimization and website promotion work, of course, the business more than a website, after entering the company, we have several optimization personnel are responsible for a website (which is telling the interviewer when, after the entry to understand in fact, because company executives did not understand, the website optimization promotion for the period of insurance, the one-time multi site, just for our new staff assessment, of course, this is my future in other people have been liberated to understand the fact that. At that time the leadership of the company), said very clearly, is that we should relax a little, let us all do not have the psychological pressure, he told us, we can do optimization promotion, the company will not give us specific indicators, but the company hopes to see our efforts.

first, I must say, this is a true story, but this is a very sad story. This thing has really happened in my side, sometimes feeling has been slowly began to be forgotten, but today saw a news time, then clearly remembered, suddenly, that inner sense of responsibility so I think I should take account of the story to share with you.

After the

if you see here, is also the enterprise optimize personnel, you are not really happy, my friend after knowing this, he is very happy, although the nature, is a friend, but first he did not share with me his method.

tie in my death, he finally told me the truth, just when he took over the company’s website, has been in the Taobao to find a good website optimization services, of course, according to his description, Taobao promised only about a few hundred dollars, can be in 1 to 3 months of the website keywords the requirements of the company do love Shanghai home. Imagine our original salary is very objective, not dare to live a little, spend hundreds of dollars will be able to solve the problem, is not really very cool.

remember, that was when the entry about a week or so, after eating a meal, and friends exchange website optimization and website ranking experience, but in my account when my friend optimization scheme, very mysterious and disdain said to me, see you so bitter really do optimization is love ah. His words really puzzled me, although I was serious contempt for his behavior, but still couldn’t help wondering.

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