Seven aspects of bait outside the chain of soft writing should pay attention to

Sep 10, 2017 ddmycvlj

when readers read the article to reprint it, explain the purpose of the chain reached half of the bait, then you need to copy the contents of the article and the title was reprinted. So, easy to copy and share is a very crucial step. Try to set the button can copy the full text and the title of the function. Put the share button at the end of the article, here recommended love Shanghai share button (share.baidu贵族宝贝), an article.

1, clear soft reading, that is the target of

Don’t have the soft, doped The

chain is the core content of Shanghai Longfeng work, so as to obtain high quality and the number of chain is every Shanghai Longfeng workers should also have to do the work, including writing soft Wen promotion website is one of the commonly used methods, write some creative and practical and worthy of reference and articles learning, induce others to reprint articles to effectively bring the one-way chain to the site. But in the chain to create this bait for the purpose of the text, there are many places that need attention, the author according to some experience of their share in seven aspects: bait outside the chain of soft writing should pay attention to:

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article first Yingru eye is the title of the article, the title is to be able to express the note to the content, but also can induce the reader to continue the desire. As the title "bait outreach soft writing should pay attention to seven aspects," since you have read here, this paper has successfully induced that you want to further understand the specific content of these six aspects. Similar to this"…… The 10 skills "form of the title, readers are interested in understanding the details more. Good title is half of success.

4, easy to copy and share

this point in write text should be determined, can give good external links should be the webmaster, blogger, web editor and other users, only these contents are copied and posted to the website or blog, can be brought to the site outside the chain, so when writing should study the needs of these people and these people interested in the topic.

2, the title of the soft design of

The quantity and quality of the

chain is mainly soft bait to attract readers attention, due to its reprint interest, owners of various forms of network promotion and network advertising are familiar with in the heart, the soft with alliance advertising, such as baby Adsense, love Shanghai noble alliance, will cause Tian Sheng’s rebellious webmaster. Don’t be too thick and heavy in colours their own websites or advertising products, is the largest with a pen. Don’t let any of the articles with a commercial, purely to interesting, useful, learning as the goal. At the same time, the webmaster to see the good of others, help the text to you, please also generous to others and also add links, it is for others to write interesting or useful article is free to share a encourage.

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