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Sep 9, 2017 yulqsfbv

said the Shanghai dragon website analysis I think you will think of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster site diagnosis, whether Shanghai Longfeng site diagnosis include what? The Shanghai dragon website content of diagnosis is very rich, it contains a domain name diagnosis, site structure diagnosis, site code diagnosis, site diagnosis, external website link diagnosis, today Xiaobian I combine my Shanghai dragon website optimization to give you a brief introduction about the basic knowledge of web content diagnosis and diagnosis of the Shanghai dragon website notes.

, Title, Meta site diagnosis.

Title and meta diagnosis of

in the site of title and meta after the diagnosis, the next step is to make the diagnosis of web content. Of course, all the pages of web content which is included in the website home page, column page, single page, details page. The diagnosis of web content mainly includes the following content: 1. the contents of a web page is a large collection of content. Here that is in the news with page, check is the main method to search through the news content on your site in the search engine, see the repetition of search whether there is too high, if the high repetition rate, so that the possibility of web pages in a web site is relatively large collection. As we all know Shanghai dragon Er, now the search engine promotion originality, there are a large number of collection content so that the site is not conducive to our website optimization, and even affect the site’s ranking optimization keywords Shanghai dragon. You need the webmaster Shanghai dragon attaches great importance to this kind of problem. Whether the 2. web content relevance. The correlation of web content is also very important, not related to web content is difficult to be included in the search engine, so you will need to check the Shanghai dragon Er optimization > carefully

second, web content diagnosis.

The first

mentioned here, refers not just a web page title and meta diagnosis, diagnosis also includes website product page, news page and single page. Usually, mainly through the use of scan chain tools for the diagnosis of these contents, the Xenu chain analysis tools, can help us well this problem. In the process of diagnosis of title and meta, usually is to inspect and analyze whether there exist the following problems: the 1. page web site of Title, Meta is set to repeat. A repeat of the page suggest changes; 2. sites in Title, Meta set the theme is outstanding. A different page will have a different theme to highlight, so to title and meta according to the theme of the judgment; 3. sites in Title and Meta settings are smooth, whether there is the keyword stuffing. Some children’s shoes in Shanghai Longfeng set keywords, in order to highlight the key position, while ignoring the sentence fluency of, or the formation of keyword stuffing phenomenon, these are to be avoided.

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