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Sep 9, 2017 kpzhojlh

has a lot of business leaders, for the website optimization and PPC (PPC) that is the same, for 2 months to optimize personnel, even for third months, has not appeared in the love of Shanghai or the Google home page, so, OK, you are not fired, for newcomers, and this kind of wave a wave of change, finally reluctantly choose a simple auction to go.


            this may have a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises, and is still continuing, and the development of network technology, to tell you that the enterprises to optimize the personnel best fixed, the reason is very simple, because for any one industry, the need for appropriate optimization familiar with and master some information related to the industry and the latest technology, to write to customers or users who are satisfied to the need to solve the problem of network clients, and frequent replacement, it caused the industry’s strange, and the quality is not to mention as can be imagined, and the mouse how to keep the user’s heart.

optimization personnel to give the opportunity to learn

for the enterprise, the important part of network marketing has been in sales, and we also talked about the small and medium-sized enterprises own good is really good to do optimization optimization, however small and medium-sized enterprises still has many loopholes and shortcomings in management, even a small fat moon today, hoping to give them a point, let more good management ideas can be found.

2. small and medium-sized enterprises do not 3 months to see the effect of irritable

I give

, now Shanghai Longfeng development has not only need technology, need is a stick, the original content of the update, the chain continues to increase, the long tail and all kinds of marketing keywords have to rely on to be on the line to complete, and this is the time required to adhere to reflect, if I didn’t see the words on the line, 3 a month to give up, then you too impatient.


some small enterprises have done training, they think the optimization is very relaxed, every day fixed those nothing, in fact wrong, Shanghai dragon need to learn every day, learning what? OK, A5 webmaster, some new Shanghai dragon why above the head of the famous theory, new practices, new experiences is the need to learn more, is the need to use their mind filters, the proper choice of some industry related new skills and so on, and these knowledge if the enterprise can give them a better chance to get training, for example, may retain their heart, will make the website optimization of the enterprise more excellent.

1. small and medium-sized enterprises to optimize the personnel are not fixed

In fact,

the above is my personal experience, I hope more and more enterprise managers can take the time, at a glance, perhaps there is a help to you, I will not write.

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