Ten suggestions to build the core competitiveness of the website

Sep 8, 2017 hhasebcm

Tucao come to an end, this article topic I share how to build their own core competitiveness "web site, hope the following 10 pieces of advice, at least you can open a door or window.

Seize the

any products, companies, and even the popular website, have a common point, and the core competitiveness! If the loss of the core competitiveness of the company, or the product, then also not far away from the dead.

first, recognize the target user’s own

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second, to find their own products


chat some time ago the company with two station BOSS, their choice is "a high price, high-end design", another is "low price, the number of go", it can be said that your website profit model, determined the appropriate profit model of the

as we go shopping mall Jingdong flagship store, will look at their main product sales, and what kind of products, the highest evaluation is best, then to choose the comprehensive comparison. But many websites, users simply can not find their flagship product is what, do not wait for the user to compare? You need to do is: your main product, the first event appears in the user before you display.

Millet’s high, low sale "let the grass root more over the science of addiction, can not be denied this in Chinese really popular, especially with the public’s taste". The reason is because the Jingdong store on the upgrade, "speed, self, customer service" is a treasure completely than not. Of course, not to say how a treasure, only users choose the different groups of natural space.

always has some wonderful website, but also have to say, the website rankings do come up, but simply didn’t want to say how to make money? "The local portal station hanging advertising alliance, is not a luxury to waste? Don’t look for partners in your offline, you hang what advertising alliance

established its profit model

said this, I can not help but want to Tucao buy a new DELL XPS series computer, as a high-end brand, with a super value, super life yan deeply loved by the user, but why heat, the current sound, so serious? In this way, it will not lose the status of the user in mind a few years


fourth, users get diversified channels


many times a lot of site traffic, but is not a good conversion rate, on this point, He Guijiang just want to say: the target users are wrong! Such as you do "mobile phone repair" website, but updated a lot "brush tutorial", do the appropriate mobile phone brush? Mobile phone repair, and, although all aspects of the mobile phone, but it is two different areas, looking for mobile phone brush machine, does not need to repair mobile phone! Like this website too much.

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