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two.RSS can indirectly affect the ranking of

RSS was written before we are familiar with the following several of its basic elements, mandatory attribute version, is used to specify the current version; the only child elements of the channel, it mainly contains information content websites or columns; and title, the title of the page; link, website or column URL; and description: a brief description of the website or column. There are some other, here is not introduced one by one. Simple in structure and usage we know RSS, you can manually edit RSS in the most commonly used Notepad, presented here add static method, in the process of adding each line to one correspondence, the focus is part of the text, especially URL, can not be wrong, otherwise mistakes. In addition it is finished, you can keep the file, the suffix for the.Xml format, we will add to the file link on the website, on the obvious position of the head. This website will have your RSS output. For dynamic program, you need to convert the content through the program. You can download the conversion template, but generally need to modify the database part of the data link. Including database fields need according to their own website for modification simple, after the success of our RSS output address will automatically produce. But note that needs the Framework framework generated most of the RSS, we can love Shanghai search, there are a lot of download.

do website optimization for a long time, found that most people are using blog, BBS signature etc. these common promotion methods, but little is known about the promotion of RSS, although it is not directly help to RSS website optimization, but can indirectly from many aspects to help web site rankings, to introduce below how to do RSS promotion, RSS promotion, what aspects of the effect.


RSS is a way of sharing website, usually used in news and blog. This order if the site provides RSS output, then the user can directly see the latest updates and dynamic in the client. That is not in the open reading support RSS output website content website content pages. It is a kind of marketing means, now a lot of mainstream support RSS subion blog.

The preparation of RSS What is the RSS

RSS easy to read other website quoted your website data, although not directly improve the rankings, but can improve the site traffic, now many search engines support RSS, then it is possible to calculate the ranking factors, make the RSS more likely to be search engine references.

all of the above is to do RSS promotion methods, we hope to help. In this paper, by Schindler Shanghai.



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