Four trends of search engines to open a new front

Sep 7, 2017 fuhunxpj

A popular social network

. A website to occupy more market share, win more customers, have a good user experience is difficult to support. At present, several major search engines are trying to improve their user experience, launched a series of products and services according to user selection principle, such as the beginning of a little-known Facebook, it is a social networking site, launched only two to three years, the website rankings to the site ran seventh, 2010, the world’s top 500 brands in the rankings, Facebook is more than Microsoft, super strength and super charm swept the world ranked first. Facebook expressed in a short period of time into the strong momentum, let us have to sit up and take notice. Google is in the leader position that Facebook has more than YAHOO within a year, and in many other aspects has more than Microsoft, feel a lot of pressure, hitherto unknown sense of crisis let it begin to pay more attention to Facebook, including its business. Facebook provides users with photos and friends information package download service, but the file format cannot be used for the third party, Google launched the elite baby Takeout solve this problem.

recently has been brewing for a long time with new trends, the first is closed aristocratic nobility baby baby Heath launched; users can download package data portability products including noble baby Takeout photos, list of friends and friends of information; also launched the Google Chrome browser plug-in, it can easily will Facebook friends easily into the noble baby + Circles. Browser: love Shanghai recently also launched its own browser, the browser is to love Shanghai; Google launched its own Chrome browser. The application, users select the user experience and social, between people more easily interact with each other and share the real life world has become a new era of the development trend of search engine.

Each big search engine

              Google launched the nobility baby + is also in order to open up new battlefield in the field of social networking sites, in order to attract more social platform users to its own platform, many aspects of this Google social network was improved overall, let users more intuitive, more easily enjoy sharing and search services, improve the user experience. Other search engines love Shanghai is trying to make some breakthroughs in terms of social networking, this has made many efforts, such as micro-blog can provide services in Shanghai say love, but the final effect is not ideal, Shanghai has been trying to love. In addition, Sina also hopes to become social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter like micro-blog. Why so many search engines and other sites began to keen on the development of the social field, I think this is such as Facebo>

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