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Sep 7, 2017 reseoyvd

The wind and the sun

] review questions such as expansion idea, recent chat with a friend for a long time the Shanghai dragon, we talked about the Shanghai dragon industry, turning to the future development, talk about life and so on a series of topics, my deep experience between people, the biggest difference is not someone smarter than you, maybe just a little bit better than you to others. Want a little bit more, to more, have him today.

Stella: OK, you are tired of

[ !

Stella: your question be asked every year again, every year I don’t remember the answer as well, I think this year will be the Shanghai dragon industry changes, take the mobile terminal optimization in Shanghai love club owners meeting many times refer to its importance. Our company has already begun the layout of the mobile terminal. At the same time not too much love Shanghai reminds us of how to optimize the mobile terminal, these have to rely on many years of accumulated experience to do. This is the secret of the rankings, the next three years, the mobile terminal traffic will flow over the PC side, at the same time will be ranked by the mobile terminal will drive the PC end Ranking Ranking, this is one of the secrets of this year quicker ways to improve ranking.


old, recently felt Shanghai Longfeng do will have a faster increase ranking.

introduce the friend: 2009 to enter the Shanghai dragon in this industry, the industry in the MOPA roll a few years, very familiar with the love of Shanghai is in charge of the examination algorithm, portal director, low-key man, we call him old privately.

! NH:

Stella: Well, there are stone benches there, go sit there!


Stella: ha ha! This question you are asking the right person, what is Shanghai dragon? Get free traffic, free of charge, you have not thought about why people do to help you succeed. Just like a newcomer to a company which, through three months of assessment period, whether through the assessment, to give a raise to upgrade. You said it! Of course other algorithms and.

NH: Stella,

we went there and sat down, the cow brought me a bottle of water, I took the water to drink up, so we started talking about home, of course we also talked about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, please see the following dialogue.

Sunday morning and I robbed the appointment to climb mountains, breathing the air of nature, away from the bustling city, talk about life, the following is about Shanghai dragon dialogue.

I kind of understand and I don’t understand, I continue to think for two or three minutes, take out this idea, even if others did not realize at the time, we have begun to do, win at the starting line.

old, like you said ranking is actually very simple thing. But I found not so good to do, love Shanghai for new assessment, from 2 months ago to give the rank 4 months to give new weight what the problem is

girl: a little bit, this mountain is a little high, we find a place to rest and then climb.

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