Effect of new rapid increase ranking factors

Sep 7, 2017 kgpatmos

three, reasonable, perfect user experience.

is now the new website will use CSS layout of the site, the benefits of doing so: a clear structure, in line with the search engine rules. This site can not be search engine on love? For example: do not use the site navigation JS file, so the search engine can not catch the website each column page. This paper adopts the structure of bread crumbs, when the user to read the article, can know read articles which belong to the column, the user to easily jump to another section or return home.

a good website, there must be a stable and fast space as support. So the new space station has no ranking is the key foundation. If you modify the site can be modified in the wee hours of the morning, so it will not affect the search engine grab and included page. In addition, web space access speed is awesome it will greatly increase the web page features. Hangzhou Shanghai Longfeng built by WP website, the second day Shanghai is included. Obviously, the importance of the web site.

? The website structure

, a site space stability.

was found in the tens of millions of new sites to the network let others soon? First, can do competitive ranking in the search engine, if some of the strength of the company, the company owners preferred. Second, compared to the more slowly the PPC is the natural ranking, commonly used is now popular in Shanghai dragon. The Hangzhou Shanghai dragon in Shanghai Longfeng perspective to explain the effects of new rapid increase ranking factor

as the Internet matures, the construction site also carried out like a raging fire. In the love of Shanghai area search website, whether individuals or companies ready to rank. Although the website is the enterprise or individual in the Internet postcards, rely on the construction site did not mean what. Why do you say so? On the one hand, if the site alone had no presence on the Internet website of the meaning of existence, because the site inside the content or products are not to share with others the opportunity. On the other hand, the search engine has completely changed the generation of a generation of people’s habits, a lot of people do not understand can ask the search engine.

often said that Shanghai dragon circles: content is king, the chain for the emperor. A new station, want to have good weight, begin to learn to write original content, for a long time, a little bit of the website is to increase the weight. To include the site keywords or long tail keywords content. So a good webmaster is hard to start.

two, to establish the appropriate keywords.

four, high quality web content, highlight the theme of the site.

Hangzhou Shanghai dragon in Shanghai dragon as an example, if an optimization company, if the Shanghai dragon as a web site keywords, non can rapidly improve the site ranking, can not achieve accurate results. If you are in Hangzhou, Hangzhou found unconscious love company, Hangzhou Shanghai dragon optimization optimization, Hangzhou site optimization words. With the popular keywords, also can let the site’s ranking half-dead.

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