The optimization of the Shanghai dragon skills together

Sep 6, 2017 zkwmegmu


7, the problem of hidden text. For the website due to hidden text problems causes must solve, can not let these problems affect the site optimization results, each new article must.

The value of

4, in the pages of connection should be very good attention to the user’s reading habits, given the relevant content at the end of the article, let users for web content in-depth reading.

station optimization involves a very good, we will talk about some of the more useful Shanghai dragon skills.

1, must be a lot of preparation, from the beginning of the main keywords, long tail word you can continue to explore, more long tail keywords, more traffic. When the set of keywords according to certain standards, from the title to describe to express very clearly, so that every page should have keywords. Let every page have the chance to compete.

3, rising in the page. All the website pages should be able to connect together, this connection is not arbitrary, must let the relevant connection to pages within the website also has a certain weight, there are inherent advantages of "weight have ranked in terms of competition, for the internal connection must be checked regularly, find errors the connection must be immediately removed, it is also an important skill of Shanghai dragon.

. For the content of the website must pay attention to it, good content to attract a lot of accurate flow, it is also a key factor in the content of the original work to the less use of a large number of falsh, with a lot of pictures, less complicated code, let your web content to search very friendly. This is also a key factor.



5, 2, the content of

template. For the requirements of the template also should pay attention to it, in the set must be updated, others can not take over without modifying the use of templates, to remove some of the things that do not have, for unknown code must be carefully understood, go to success, it can play a role.

site procedures can not be arbitrarily. Different types of websites must choose its own dedicated website program, not to be confused, demanding can write their own procedures, it is also a future direction of development, optimization for the website program is constantly updated, as long as possible needs to be optimized constantly, your choice of site procedures must be very mature and stable, can’t choose just out of the program, also cannot use the old program, there are loopholes, a complete program is a basic condition for the normal site to keep.

site optimization is a less attention, in the love of Shanghai algorithm of changing today, more and more depth in the station optimization, only good can highlight the station optimization Website competitiveness, can let you in the ranking of the competition among the last laugh.

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