The method of breakthrough flow

Sep 6, 2017 zkwmegmu

provides many methods for spider entrance, the main entrance is in the directory page. 3 simple methods: 1. directory page URL into sitemap. Submitted to the search engine, and set it to grab high weight. 2. perfect bread crumbs navigation, the breadcrumb navigation is divided more detailed, in order to provide more entrance. 3. in other products recommended list page. As for the optimization of the long tail keywords, which we prefer submitted to the soft, actually a lot of people because of too much emphasis on the target keywords, so the total energy is spent on optimizing the top page. In fact, the real flow from the long tail keywords, we all know that the 28 law, the 28 law, but just stay in and know this level. So I just don’t pay attention to the local competitors do better than they, so ranking with the natural flow went up.

entrance and long tail optimization

, a detection and lack of advantages of website

About ShanghaiIn fact,

main shortcoming is the lack of the site within the chain, and the advantages of the site collected is very good, the spider crawl frequency is quite good. The first is the starting point of the article released every day with volume and the construction of the chain in the article. The second is the establishment of the special channel, anyway, when a spider crawling website frequently, and created a special page that the spider is more effective in a limited time to crawl the site more content, so as to increase the site collected, expansion of the site’s long tail keywords.

spider provide more

three, every day to sex experience, library and Encyclopedia


may have been written like this, perhaps not, anyway, I write the article points are starting from the case, the actual operation to share my own. This website the operation time for more than 4 months, the website traffic from the original 6000 to 37000 now, the middle there have been several bottlenecks, but using the method properly, is still struggling to. We have enclosed in recent days website traffic screenshot:

Post Bar is also a good choice, but after the experiment many times. Not only Post Bar do well, but the key is to delete the post of uncertainty will lead to too much, the chain is not stable, so I just give up Post Bar. And although the experience with encyclopedia plus nofollow tags, however in the drainage is very awesome, especially the encyclopedia, so sometimes the eyes do not just stay in the Shanghai dragon website on. As for the library, it is difficult to do more than before, but still can do. The library is not taboo in the construction of the chain in the header and footer, the author tried several times, failed.

in June this year, here, the author took over this website, the traffic has been stuck in the more than 6000 already for a long time. According to the website, the website to do the following steps:

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