Love Shanghai algorithm update should focus on content and user experience details

Sep 5, 2017 khmexore



4, hang black chain: still relatively popular in the 10 years of the black chain, then also sell, but then the search engines do the eyes of the blow to the black chain, now some grey industry would still use it, including keyword hijacking etc..

"the chain for emperor" Shanghai dragon optimization era has ended, "the chain for emperor " this argument, it is because before the Shanghai dragon optimization, through the way of the chain can be quickly to keywords ranking do go up; and to buy links, etc. can be hung black chain do rankings in a short period of time, it will inevitably make some poor user experience website ranking very strong. I believe love Shanghai in the future will further reduce the weight of the chain, and continue to punish some unreasonable chain website.


software group: two years ago the popular tools have made mass blog group software and software bugs, with the update algorithm, the effect of the chain release is getting worse, now the foreign trade group is common optimization.

now the Shanghai dragon maybe like Zac said, should not take the Shanghai dragon optimization principle of play to the extreme, such as moment >

exchange 5, unreasonable links: in 6, this love Shanghai special tips station 22K station, too much Links will cause the site to drop right, now love Shanghai again on the Links strengthened to control, in addition to the strict requirements on the number of external links, will form the corresponding score. Shanghai does not recognize the "love has no meaning to recommend Links" seems the relevance of the link in the chain is becoming more and more important.


algorithm will be "hit" to a number of sites, Shanghai dragon will be more and more demanding, for the majority of owners but also a big challenge in the algorithm in smooth water; after a period of time, this day Shanghai again algorithm adjustment, this time directly with the chain, will fall in love with the sea some use the chain drives the punishment of keywords ranking sites, mainly in the following five forms:

Every upgrade

1, buy links: This is a lot of websites used a fast method to improve keyword rankings, including many large ShangCheng Railway Station are this way to optimize, previously seen as white hat optimization, now love Shanghai think he is a manipulation of keywords ranking cheating method, because it affects the fair competition, money can do

"content is king" is the Shanghai dragon truth, love Shanghai several times in the big update this year, are constantly prompt owners, should concentrate on the content of the website, creating valuable content to have good rankings. It is true that each user is facing the site, rather than outside the chain, only the best content is the users expect

2, standing group of sprocket or cross link: using the sub station to do the sprocket or cross links, now many gaming websites use a form.

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