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Sep 4, 2017 cyxnjljp

The last time the

for those of us do Shanghai dragon friends, may be ranked in the most concern is the site, the second is the site to bring their own income. May also be a part of the station to calm down, think the future of Shanghai dragon will be? The future of Shanghai dragon and development? This problem is also a wanted to know.

a few days ago and a friend chat, he is also a Shanghai dragon optimization, and from his chat I summarized in this time. Now for some commercial value high word, is the station group in age, and for Taobao API passenger station is sending time, now that can learn to use mass up, why not do a good job on this one, leaving a footprint.

here, you may be someone said, since the outbreak can earn more, why don’t we use cluster? We can do other station in Shanghai Longfeng, why die caught in Taobao off? I think at this time, by sending Taobao guest is people than now Shanghai dragon people have more. How can we get the


is the single black guest as everyone knows. In the near future is many people know Taobao customers, whether we can through the Shanghai dragon in the Taobao guest on the income earned ideal? Right now, I am also a few days ago to listen to friends talking about, television has began to tell about his exposure to Taobao customers, earning million yuan is realized by Taobao customers needless to say, the future is now, there are a lot of people in the way through the group to do Taobao customers, and income than we earn a commission of Shanghai Longfeng optimization more. Are we to optimize Shanghai dragon from the Taobao guest to give up on the Shanghai dragon, through the mass software?

has seen the party only mentioned a forum on the video in an article, one standing at the age of only 18 years, this year should be 19 years old, badly off to do his Taobao, and in the end to share experience and the process of their own, have a friend station it asked him, in the future Taobao will be what kind of answer, he has a great history from Taobao, Taobao also emphasized the guest background is very strong, but in the future we will pass Taobao off Shanghai Dragon technology to do? This is a problem as we should be concerned about the optimization of Shanghai dragon the.

now the fate is only temporary, Shanghai Dragon technology is always useful to that day, and soon. This article from the 贵族宝贝applelm贵族宝贝 original offer please famous dishes,

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