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Sep 4, 2017 vshjjzdg

when I die heart rearrange and add the chain, change the paragraph to submit 360 encyclopedia entries, 360 encyclopedia soon passed, when I opened the 360 encyclopedia, I found the site has been added to the artificial harmonious off white manghu a day, and gave 360 Encyclopedia of volunteer work.

I was editing the Encyclopedia of 360 at the same time, also carried out inside the re search Wikipedia entry, find someone actually deleted my web site and LOGO pictures, also is called the edit reason inside to write on "content perfect, delete advertising address", you say I do a translation is it easy to.


search Wikipedia content perfect, the way to upload pictures and add entries LOGO the official website address, found Wikipedia soso audit is very timely, easier to pass a little, but it can take on the web site, when your entry through or not through the time, will be through the mail search encyclopedia the way you send an e-mail.

today at the forum to see some people say the 360 Encyclopedia has been open editing, so I try to add an encyclopedia to their website to see how the effect of 360 encyclopedia. Love the Shanghai encyclopedia and soso Wikipedia also gave their website to establish their own name card, the weight is high, there is no established as soon as possible to establish a right, today on the 360 try try to build a Wikipedia encyclopedia for 22145 games.




because the love of Shanghai and it has been established over the search, so I copied directly from the above changes, and then submit. An hour later I see not through the version which I have established Wikipedia entries, when I want time to edit, found unable to re edit the people is very depressed, but also did not say why not get through, I guess there is the incorrect information or suspected of advertising, then I re check and delete the original advertisement inside with the nature of the text, then submitted a minute after the refresh or not by.

360 is still not as good as other Wikipedia encyclopedia seems good to do, then we are the station had moved to other platforms, but in Shanghai and love Wikipedia soso Wikipedia encyclopedia of 360 open spirit, or a place to learn. (this article is composed of 22145 small game original episode, please indicate the source of articles starting in the form of links 贵族宝贝22145贵族宝贝 and this statement, thank you).

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