Shanghai Longfeng examples the article page keywords do love Shanghai index ranking

Sep 4, 2017 lqqehqsj

we do in Shanghai Longfeng planning page is generally used to do long tail keywords ranking more, some two directories do some minor keywords, some can also use a single page to do some long tail word in order to get traffic, may in the long tail keywords everyone’s impression is generally used in the above slightly larger point the website, because relatively unpopular long tail word search volume is generally less, but there may be a keyword search, this word is easier to make up small competitive ranking, may not have much effect on the station, after all the small tail word site not to bring traffic is not much, but for large web sites the long tail word a lot, when occupying a lot of keywords good ranking, traffic is more objective, and the long tail word strategy has been to a large site A very important strategy in Shanghai dragon.

is ranked in the fourth place, every day to visit my blog through the keywords is only about ten IP, but there are a lot of web page and high weight page before page two, page two blog navigation Lu Songsong, in addition to PR3 in this directory has many website page links, weight and good nature, second love is a Shanghai encyclopedia weight did not have to say, the third is a PR4 home, another home and several high weight site page, page second there are two Mu Changqing and Moonlight blog PR3 article page, although PR does not love are the decisive factors of Shanghai ranked but can at least explain the weight transfer good, and articles are reproduced by many websites, through the three article I also made comparison:

Xiao Jun today to share with you is I use the article page to do a keyword love Shanghai index ranking example, here also need to understand that love is not just Shanghai index search keywords used to express concern heat only, but to show the love of Shanghai index less keywords have a certain degree of concern. I will be the keyword "contains I established in the first article build this blog to write their personal independence blog four reasons of the independent blog" do love Shanghai home, the Shanghai index is only about one hundred and ten words of love, not hot words and the competition is not originally found in the search for the word search results the first page of a lot of home, and there is a PR site, because I was just a blog weight is very low, then the main keywords ranking no progress is then thought to do some competition is not very big but keywords love Shanghai index to get ranked, but worry that too much weight so it leads to the home key using the dispersion page to do keywords ranking competition is not, just my first article title contains the word independent blog, first look at the next one Stand ranking blog now love Shanghai home:



is the three articles of love number of Shanghai related domain, although they are not necessarily for this blog article.


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