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Sep 3, 2017 yulqsfbv

services, Torbit also provides personalized recommendations for users, special problems based on the website to optimize, provide better tracking tools to find your DNS problem or your team’s blind spot. As with most measurement tools, users can also use Torbit to view the site in different browsers and different positions of the performance is how to change.

Torbit headquarters for you. There are a lot of Sunnyvale service website optimization, while providing some optimization will provide website pageviews, download time, pop-up rate, conversion rate and other tracking service, and new products of Inisight can not only provide similar services, but also provide the correlation speed to its core business index tracking services for businesses, users can check the website speed, in-depth search site is very slow and sluggish reason.

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a lot of people or the third party website links, or have a lot of dynamic pictures or video, too much data, web pages open slowly, but the fluency of the open web site to improve the user experience is very important, how to optimize? Insight Torbit new web site optimization services may be able to tell you the answer.

addition, Torbit can provide a real-time visualization for the user, the user can view the download time of the column, the best and worst URL, provide a detailed analysis of the speed of the site of the site administrator, so that they better understand the user experience, can see each visitors visit the page, with the increase of website function the "open time is what changes, but also to understand what is causing your code to call the site faster or slower.

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in addition to release new features, Torbit also on the homepage of a new revision, users can independently access Insight, you can now immediately free experience, if you need to experience more, need to pay $24 per month and $99 $two package options.



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