The new era of Shanghai dragon leap is no longer optimal copy paste

Aug 30, 2017 hhasebcm

crazy collection content era

In view of the

website construction of content requirements, the operators of the collector development is more and more crazy, especially the construction of content sites, the need for information.

like A5 has canceled the forum signature function, the author believes that Chinaz, 28, behind the push will have to make a decision, this is not going to break the outer link station, but to remind you to do the high quality of the chain, Shanghai, copy and paste the end of the era, with the pace of updating search algorithm in order to keep pace with the new era, Shanghai dragon leap.

Such as

such as 58 city, people network and other classified information site weight is very high, can obtain the corresponding chain help in weight transfer definitely has, so webmaster of classification platform become aggravated by the crazy, copy the same information to different sites, the site audit is not enough through the audit, the information to be included in the classified information site, the webmaster have thought to obtain the high quality of the chain. Before the Shanghai dragon leap era, so the chain can indeed enhance keyword ranking, improve the overall weight of the site. However, the construction of the chain under the new era is no longer so simple, love Shanghai harsh punishment for cheating a lot of optimization algorithms in the accumulation of keywords in the yellow pages, the webmaster for the chain mode easy copy and paste has been killed.

Copy and paste the

A5 and Chinaz BBS web site for the release of the chain is easy, fast, high weight, included low certification costs, by the public as the forum outside the chain platform high weight, the BBS community is a lot of junk ads filled with high quality content, very few can really see, can help solve the problem of more exchanges is to look for a needle in the ocean. Forum signature links indexed by search engines, webmasters in order to meet customer requirements on the number, a large number of top posts, replies, duplicate content topic, the increase is the chain in the number of possible keywords in a short period of time can increase the page to the home page, and the webmaster have thought BBS the signature of the chain play a magical effect, the data analysis of the site and can be found on the signature of the chain support website ranking is not stable for a long time, the conversion of the flow rate is very low. After the green love Shanghai algorithm, BBS BBS signature chain is already considered spam links, copy and paste is so simple, no matter how easy is not the weights of the links, can only be considered a waste.

webmaster group with the webmaster to discuss a new era of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, there are still many outside the chain of Commissioners to Shanghai dragon as copy and paste, think that as long as the crazy hair of the chain, and can achieve the optimization effect is expected, keywords line can also be a short time to fall in love with the sea first mentioned. Everyone knows Shanghai dragon leap era is no longer is ctrl+c, ctrl+v, the chain is no longer the king, crazy spam chain end of the era.

crazy chain era

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