Yun Long so you really understand what is the operation of the Shanghai Dragon

Aug 30, 2017 kpzhojlh

then I’ll teach you some important part of the construction of Shanghai dragon.

chain is not want you to go to a website to send a "XXXX what new serial address >

.The chain and the contents of. Shanghai dragon

course, the Shanghai dragon, but how are we going to find online optimization? Numerous data, you really understand? Actually I think should not? If you really understand all will not wander in the primary stage of the webmaster.

1. template optimization.

a lot of friends although some understanding of Shanghai dragon, but often the important template Shanghai dragon to omitting, this I say is some novice to use CMS to build web site users, although offer template, but you can guarantee that the template provider is completely to help you put the Shanghai dragon optimization done? The answer is no the Shanghai dragon, you will understand the template optimization, page INDEX is right the highest category pages, pages. Secondly we must first understand the working principle of the spider, the spider crawling principle has many kinds, I will give an example of it, such as the 贵族宝贝 home page, the spider crawling through to our home page, will be from our website to find more content along the page or list page links, spiders also has many small spiders accompanied together like diffusion, the site of a center point, Then the main location in the center position of web spider, related information of all the auxiliary expanding type of spider climb out the list of pages and content pages, form a cycle back to the main spider if our website template can not open the page of the spider crawling will terminate at last, so this template you still dare to use? Shanghai Longfeng template we said optimization is the need of infinite loop to make the chain, don’t let the spider find end point, so the spider web site in the rankings or bad keywords you want to..

Kekebanban do so long time the website is not a little improvement theThe optimization of the construction site of

also mentioned the "chain for the king, the content for the emperor" this sentence popular words, I do not know you is how to look at the meaning of this sentence. But my understanding is, whether the chain or the content or content you do original degrees of recipients is very high, why do I have the time when to view the other site outside the chain saw a heap of garbage outside the chain of

the last 2 months, or within the chain chain that something, the site also placed there for a period of time, some time ago met a webmaster friends I met 6 years ago, I told him that by learning something, and learn to have many practical experience in..


Has been in the research on Shanghai dragon ?In fact, the

most webmaster should understand, website more, some is more do not only stop at the site step, not always what big results. It is actually very simple, most of our webmaster there is a malady, which is why many webmaster..

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