How to improve the inside pages instead of keywords ranking by long tail words

Aug 27, 2017 soededej

fourth: pay attention to the contents of the layout

photo text is now almost the most users love browsing, users not only to love watching those boring text information, and page interspersed with pictures can make the page look more abundant. Of course, the search engine is considered in terms of the user, as long as the inside pages of your content rich enough, can give the user more body >

spider crawling love are a clear line of site, so you want to point on our site spider climb, it is necessary to give spider lay a clear path, that is to say we want to optimize the internal structure and label. The influence of the internal structure of "quality largely, and the quality of the web page directly decides the page rank. Therefore, we should pay attention to the CSS and DIV programming and web page META tag writing, so as to attract the spider to our page, we add weight inside pages.

how to make their own keywords ranking so as to enhance the page ranking? This is believe that every webmaster are very concerned about the problem. Of course, I also like, but now in this fast changing Internet environment, in order to put their best keywords ranking is definitely not an easy thing in the search engine. I think the use of words to replace the long tail keywords to improve the page ranking has become a new trend now, this is an unalterable fact for some of the new station. So, then I will discuss with you together we should be how to operate is right:

: first choose the long tail word

tags and internal structure optimization

second: specification page title


to improve the inside pages of the long tail word ranking, then we must standardize the inside pages of the title. Because the target page ranking search and title are complementary, so in the development of the title should pay attention to three points: first, pay attention to the uniqueness of the title, can not be repeated; second, the title must be included in the long tail word, of course, can be directly used as the title of the long tail word; third, note the length of the title, the weight is too long it will distract the long tail word. Standard page title to focus the long tail word and the inside pages, so as to enhance the flow within the page.

long tail word itself directly affects our page ranking, the choice of the long tail word we can have a multiplier effect, on the contrary, we can do is useless. So the choice of the long tail word we must carefully selected, first, we can refer to a competitor’s site; second, we can refer to love Shanghai index and Google index; third, we can choose for the long tail words were analyzed by webmaster tools. Long tail keywords must not be too hot, because the weight of the site within the page is relatively low, want to let him have a better ranking is not easy. In the choice, we should choose some small flow, and our "Related words competitiveness promotion, this promotion page ranking is relatively easy.

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