Love Shanghai know that the chain Raiders released five errors in four skills

Aug 27, 2017 zlxsfutf

error four: just leave the chain on the line

error two: as long as the chain left on the success of the

love Shanghai is know for many webmaster and I was one of those scorched by the flames, a year ago, the first time I began to love Shanghai know the hair of the chain, began to contact, the feeling is still relatively easy, but two days later found that this does not leave, it will not leave, it was the heart has died, so this year I experience it is a bumpy road, hundreds of thousands will be cut off, finally summed up love Shanghai know that the chain released to the Raiders five mistakes — remember four tips.

has a more than 10 love Shanghai knows only that before you work very hard, but it does not mean you have amnesty, senior account many new owners love to buy people, then send a link, the second day, the account was closed, I also tried hard to reach level 6 account one day, because the hair too much.

error three: using a variety of means to leave the chain of grey

error five: size will not be closed

love Shanghai know that the chain released five errors in four techniques

this is a common mistake, so I started, but later I found that results in order to leave the chain with what is left, on the contrary, expecting to solve the problem, improve the mentality or know the answer to the chain, the effect is more effective, the quality of the chain while leaving the abnormal high, I have a love of Shanghai know the chain, I tried to bring 100 independent IP every day.

error: don’t think small can send the chain.

learned love Shanghai know that the chain release skills will know, love Shanghai site in front of the chain and the domain name is to let the chain for the left, right in front of 贵族宝贝, plus 贵族宝贝zhidao.baidu贵族宝贝/ or 贵族宝贝 baike.baidu贵族宝贝/, you will be able to achieve very good effect. But I tell you, this method more, love will find Shanghai know, check back found released have all been deleted


love Shanghai know the hair is the chain level, but not the lower level cannot send the chain, but the lower level is difficult.


may have many friends will leave the chain that is actually very simple love in Shanghai know, but did not bring traffic to the site and weight lifting, this time, you should check the previously released outside the chain, whether it still exists, because some system will not immediately delete your love in Shanghai know that the chain left but, after a period of time in the deleted, that is to say, you only know the chain for a short time in Shanghai, it is no effect.

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