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Aug 12, 2017 jsbaengf

from the above it is easy to know that the first is very difficult, but there is an opportunity. Yes, we can find the best Pacific website editors or engage in personnel, cooperate with them, may need to spend some money, but this is a small investment, it is very helpful to us. Bear a child sets the wolf, the total is more economical and more reliable for advertising.

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back to the essence of Shanghai dragon on the issue, although many people know, but still mention. "Around a word" this concept is relatively old, but now love Shanghai algorithm is very effective. After all, love Shanghai new algorithm respected chain naturally produced by the chain so naturally who specifically to bring the link to keywords, weaken the anchor text effect so we can speculate that the chain is. As a supplement, what the usage of "around a word" to be strengthened.

three, the active

is the author of the above operation.

not only speculation in the entertainment news by editor keen, but also in Shanghai Longfeng optimization. For example, some time ago the college entrance examination entrance to the event, zero essay topic by many readers are soft. But with the amount of reading is also reproduced in horror, believe that the operation of these techniques of webmaster friends, for love.

two, the station optimization section

different people on different operation method of keyword optimization, of course, can be summed up as the hair of the chain and content. These people usually is the Shanghai dragon as optimization of all, literally, it is search engine optimization, but I do not think so. I prefer to do keyword ranking plan and then move, do optimization strategies flexibly, specific optimization methods to write down to share. (for example: PS Keywords: Brush assistant)

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second is an independent website common, overcome the difficulty of medium. The first is the assistant pepper brush target keywords, this website brand word, and brush assistant just long tail keywords it. For this website cooperation, the general is similar to Links exchange cooperation. (PS: Friends of the chain of keywords ranking help or obvious to people.


experiments confirmed the results. The introduction of relevant traffic long time, can make the corresponding keywords get good rankings promotion. Because we are recommended to the user is what they need, although a little sense of AD, but AD is not recognized by the user, AD is not a problem. Here I personally feel relatively strong interactive platform: Sina and micro-blog blog (the two can be synchronized), popular forum, corresponding to the Post Bar love Shanghai.

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