Google ranking factors sixteen special rules factors two

Aug 12, 2017 kgpatmos

fifth, Google news box, for some hot news or events, news box system keywords these news events will trigger Google news, and the box will appear in the search list is often the first natural.

fourth, local search, Google was often the "noble baby + local" (a service account + nobility baby) search results in the ranking above.

, DMCA on the DMCA record, many people may not know, here refers to in 2000 by a specialized for personal protection of intellectual property rights on the Internet bill, so if plagiarism or piracy was a complaint, the provisions of DMCA will be your behavior record, which is Google you can get, after waiting for a site is down right or K stand.

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seventh, noble baby shopping, do not know if you have not done this, will own the marketing website submitted to Google shopping, is also a good way to get traffic and buyers, but also in the user search product, shopping product nobility baby with machine, of course is not necessarily 100 percent emergence.

eighth, Google pictures, in some cases, a position of the search results page is Google pictures, similar to love Shanghai, you may search such as lifts, recent years on elevator love pictures in Shanghai. So, good image optimization is a very important content, after all, can be connected through the picture to your site.

third, transactional search, sometimes nobility baby will display different search results for shopping of keywords, such as displaying the noble (noble baby baby flights flight search) search results.

second, the diversity of the domain, when Bigfoot updates the user "(World of Warcraft search tool) may be more similar domain will appear on the search page ranking.

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Google ranking factors (sixteen): special rules factors (two)

sixth, the station ranking will be better, according to the current situation of Google algorithm, those great famous website dominance will be stronger, not only the home page ranking is excellent, even a lot of pages a birth will also get good rankings, and those new sites if no special place will be difficult to succeed.

ninth, brand oriented Keywords: domain name or brand keywords will give the same station from multiple search results.

yesterday we influence the special rules Google ranking factors (a) mentioned in the website freshness, comprehensive content, user browsing and recording, and geographic location, security search and content search + six noble baby of Google ranking, but it is clear that there are many special rules affecting Google ranking, today we continue.

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