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3, who wants to make a profit, must be a person with comprehensive qualities,

, "public innovation, multi people entrepreneurship", a new era is coming to us. Premier Li Keqiang pointed out: "public entrepreneurship, people’s innovative needs and scientific and technological innovation combine together to promote each other and complement each other.". And the urgent need for science and technology, especially the need for the latest, cutting-edge science and technology lead." In order to further implement the strategy of innovation driven development, integration of entrepreneurial resources, build a powerful engine to promote economic development and transformation and upgrading of the Chengdu Municipal People’s government, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Jinjiang District innovation incubator Investment Co. Ltd. will jointly relevant units held the first "endless" Intco technology innovation contest Southwest Division.

1 is going to have to pay for the product and service,

2 website builder holding a lot to do stand and do stand the mentality of people to work, many webmaster friends I know they related to the website construction technology is the lack of technology, not their competitiveness.

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is also the home industry, the new technology VR home improvement project, so that judges and teachers at the moment. At present, the domestic virtual reality industry continues to rise. In 2015, China’s virtual reality market size of 180 million yuan, the virtual reality market hardware has matured, and technology applications to become the new nuggets. New technology VR home improvement project is VR technology in the field of home decoration applications, designed to use VR technology, time decoration customized. Through the VR customized way, completely change the traditional home decoration sales model, time, high quality, high performance, Gao Lirun, low-cost new type of decoration sales model. It is reported that there are about 1.25 interior decoration companies all over the country. If we all use VR technology, there will be about 4 billion 500 million of the market scale in our country, which reflects the great potential of this market. < >

website must provide products and services to meet a certain population

small website profit

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1 did sh419 Union, Ali alliance, is to help them to release these big companies by advertising, we get little from the site into a small, hit 0.01 yuan, 0.02 yuan, and click on the sh419 Inc or Ali Co they accept an advertising is normally 0.2 yuan or more; we do nothing but is for these Union sponsors promote their own advertising, at the same time delay our time, finally get the money is negligible. Many brothers and sisters on small websites create profits for these big websites without paying off, and the returns are almost 0.

2006 in September, began the website construction road, in October began to set up three people own forum, has been considering the problem of profit, so far, the site is still no profit.

3 how to make a profit is placed in front of many small webmaster is a very realistic problem:

I would like to share some experiences with you:

below is the view of three people:

in the course of the semi-finals, the jury and instructors will elect excellent entries to the finals, in the face of selected events from the audition, the rematch judges are more careful and serious. For some projects, the judges were impressed by the teachers, including E. It is understood that in 2015 the total market for home improvement industry for 5 trillion, home improvement market estimates reached 2 trillion, but most of the monopoly by the traditional market, the Internet market share of less than 5%. E want to do is to repair it for free maintenance as a starting point to create severe vertical to the decoration era housing repair O2O mall, renovation of a new business model, this project is expected to solve the materials and workers opaque price, price maintenance level no bargaining power, fraud phenomenon and flicker problems such as uneven repair qualification. E repair is good, the goal is to become the country’s influential service platform in 2018, as the industry advertised.

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you want to pull ads, then you must find your website can provide those businesses or companies need your advertising services, such as advertising into your business, but also on the formation of your service, not all day and watch your website like this behind closed doors, it is difficult to profit. You can also find agents and sales of some products, so relying on cyber source for customers is also a good choice, I hope that the things they did more stationmaster also reflect, let more webmaster friends can make money, these are some simple ideas, either do or other. We must make clear what we do is to get what, if we do a few months later we found what we have no pocket, then you should consider yourself doing it right, if you chose the right direction, whether they are suitable for doing such a thing, whether their own strengths above this, youth is short. The Internet will create a miracle, but the miracle behind, is a kind of technology innovation, create new value, a new mode of creation, he will create value for the traditional industry, so you have to consider whether it is right to do. I hope you can get more profits to support your website career growing.

December 2, 2016, China UK science and technology innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition southwest division semi-finals and mentor salon will officially fall in Chengdu. The judges and tutors in the semi-finals of the director of the Chengdu branch of the Chinese Academy of sciences including senior manager Dong Wei, Chinese Academy of science and technology cooperation innovation incubator Investment Co., Liu Yaoyang, National Science and innovation Chengdu Investment Company Limited chips, general manager of Chengdu representative Liu Hui Tebo Industrial Co., Zhao Ke of Chengdu, Vic Technology Co., vice chairman Peng Zixu, Chengdu Institute of information technology Limited by Share Ltd manager Yao Yu.


2 wants to find the right marketing tool,

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