Some matters need to avoid the beginner website promotionThe website runs one month income 638 yuan

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I first say what type I do website is a hotel of type CPS website association network, by customers in my online hotel booking into a hotel reservation, the average profit of 10-15 yuan, gross revenue model is this. My website is the A5 forum, directly buy a PR2 old domain, have a certain weight, space is abroad with a monthly space, but recently the space is not stable, often the website cannot open, recently also plan to change the space, it is no good cheap goods, everyone who is IDC can also contact me.

website optimization, the details Links like, I believe we have seen a lot of similar articles, of course, if you have a travel website, you can find me talk about friendship, I will guide a. Not much to say, below attached to this month’s income, although not much, but after all this is the month, half an hour per day labor results.

novice needs a transitional stage in order to achieve the life realm, experience is the novice should be a pressing matter of the moment of consciousness, otherwise there is no solid foundation and a perfect marketing thinking is hard to promote enterprise to achieve their own goals and direction.


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here to talk about my operations, new website is certainly no traffic, not to mention in the hotel distribution, large website industry class A, like Ctrip, eLong, where to go, the same way etc.. So the competition is very strong, is also very difficult to choose keywords, then someone will find some long tail keywords, but it’s easy to say, you can think of, others will think? Where, eLong and other large site staff will not? If you think so, can how much traffic, not to mention the transformation. Here’s my way. How did I do it?.

novice’s first step is mainly to learn from experienced people, and to master all aspects of website promotion knowledge and skills. Without the help and guidance of other people in the field of promotion, the novice tends to take a detour, which is inevitable. So we face this kind of situation can not be depressed, don’t give up easily, where possible, from the promotion plan of others it is not necessarily a bad thing, of course, the purpose of reference is not plagiarism, otherwise it will embark on a road of no return. We have always advocated that the main purpose of learning from the permission is to learn strategies and methods, and how others should improve the promotion program, which is the first step we should do.

we all know that sh419 know, Search ask the question and answer, but now many people do, add links are not so good with, but the Search ask the question and answer of the threshold is relatively low, do some links, not only can bring certain flow, can also produce a certain amount of high quality chain for the web site, so Why not?? I ask you about some skills, I now have to answer questions for half an hour every day, choose to be accurate, the best words to set some concerns, such as hotel booking, hotel reservation, near the hotel, near the accommodation, answer the questions we don’t lazy others, ask what you want to your website to check the hotel, and then paste the link, so as to help others, to bring their own profits, said the real me net Station so far, traffic is also around 100ip, but in the first month there will be several hundred revenue, at least this year’s space domain name earned back. And hotel distribution industry revenue will only become better and better, because your website will produce a certain amount of old members, plus you continue to promote the old members.

above is some personal operation management experience, take out and share the discussion, we hope to give you a little help, you can >

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website promotion experience for veterans and people, one thing is very easily also easy, hundreds of times and rich experience makes them enough to come up with a set of perfect and has a certain promotion scheme to ensure fast. And for those of us who have no experience, and no solid foundation for the novice, it is difficult to walk, it is difficult to take their first step, it is difficult to come up with a set of perfect and feasible promotion program. This is every beginner’s weakness, but also in the promotion of the business must bear the ups and downs.

creative for the novice is a must have, only in a certain mode to achieve their own promotion plan is not viable in the long term, nor to the novice in the promotion of business bring more harvest. There is no doubt that beginners are energetic and positive. It is an important and indispensable factor for beginners to keep a positive attitude.

how to build a successful website, you need a lot of website promotion. How can websites be successful? Website popularity, the quality of service, the convenience of websites for users and the mode of operation of websites. And as the vast number of Web site promotion personnel, we have nothing more than to let more people know such a website, and click, improve the click rate of the website, so that we can achieve the purpose of promotion.

source: gastritis A5 starting, reproduced in the source

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