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award rules seem a bit more fantastic, recommend people why than money people earn, many owners have said do not understand, but to promote the launch, indeed there are many webmaster for a small fortune. However, with the introduction of AdSense business pause, many domestic small website owners said it will certainly be affected.

again, almost 100% of investors believe that "early investment is the investment."". I recognized the logic, the reason is very simple, early in the project shown by the business model, profit orientation will change with the environment, but not easily with the founder of variables appear to change. A person’s quality, ability and character will not change easily for a short time.

is different from AdSense text advertising and search advertising, AdSense promotion is to recommend to others on the AdSense, so as to obtain benefits, that is to say someone recommended placing AdSense ads, so if others make money, so as to recommend people can also obtain the corresponding revenue, the provisions of shlf1314, within 180 days, if you introduce people earn 5 dollars, you can get a $5 reward; within 180 days, if you introduce people earn enough 100 dollars, you can get a $250 reward; within 180 days, your introduction there are more than 20 revenues of $100, you can get $2000.

Although these

for this adjustment, the shlf1314 Corporation is not open to the outside world declaration, not an interview with reporters, but made a further explanation on the AdSense Chinese blog: AdSense plan will not stop, we will stop an advertising product in AdSense planning – referral including Firefox, AdSense and AdWords promotion and advertising promotion. And AdSense content ads, search ads, mobile advertising, search alliance will still be normal.

Abstract: financing is just a business accelerator. Every time an investment is made, the pressure of the founder will not be smaller, but should be greater. It is important for entrepreneurs to continue to demonstrate the distinction and clarity of growth in the enterprise.

, a college student sent me a business plan, said he would like to participate in the competition, and asked me if I should focus on the plan, write clearly, get the money, how to spend it? I said no.. You should write clearly why you want to do this and why you can do it. Write down how to make money, not how to spend it".

therefore, voting is crucial to people. It is for this reason that President Xu Xin in today’s capital investment Jingdong, babe network, in addition to founder and chat, but also their family, friends, staff chat, and the latter only talk through some of the stories, the founder, the details determine this person is not reliable enough.

similar stories, there are many, you can think about it, when Sun Zhengyi decided to invest in Ma, Alibaba Yellow Pages business plan moved, or Ma himself attracted

is not the grassroots means completely no chance? Of course not, I am a completely grassroots, home in a poor county of Henan in Zhoukou, parents are illiterate, the university is not read in Beijing, the land resource management major is engaged in the media. Tell me what I think about financing.

first, financing is not the purpose of entrepreneurship, making money is

, a grassroots entrepreneur is much more successful in financing than financing.

many entrepreneurs put the cart before the horse. They mistakenly believe that financing is the purpose of entrepreneurship. Whether it is just starting or starting a business, the success of financing is as follows

entrepreneurs can be roughly divided into "grassroots entrepreneurs" and "elite entrepreneurs" two types of people, the former nothing, the latter comes with aura, aura behind the industry resources and personal brand trust.

in July 2nd, many webmasters received an e-mail from shlf1314 Corporation in their mailbox, claiming that they would suspend the AdSense promotion program in the last week of August 2008. For publishers that are launching AdSense recommendations, they suggest that the site withdraw all AdSense referral code and place AdSense text ads that still can be put in.

public entrepreneurship is quietly becoming elite entrepreneurship, because investors generally found that the failure rate of grassroots entrepreneurs is very high. Entrepreneurship not only requires passion and execution, but also requires resources and business connections, because the essence of entrepreneurship is the realization of resources. But on the other hand, the entrepreneurial elite also prone to failure, the main reason is that the elite is usually not down to earth have not experienced the initial stage, the most difficult, is the first investment and entrepreneurship, it is strong soldiers and sturdy horses.

"looks like we’re going to lose a lot of money every month."." This is a post in the forum issued July 3, 2008 Akang, is the cause of the shlf1314 Corporation will be at the end of August suspended AdSense referral business, including on-line AdWords, AdSense and related software products promotion.


grassroots network CEO Zhang Zhongguo told reporters, since recently, AdSense advertising hits the unit price has dropped a lot, many Adsense make money more and more

in addition, there are also AdWords referrals, Firefox referrals, such as: recommend downloading Firefox Firefox browser with the shlf1314 toolbar, and others downloading it through your connection, and you can earn 0.1~1 dollars.


AdSense doesn’t play promotion,

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