Seven realities tell you nternet business is a bull market or bubbleWorld SP alliance 10 million a

Aug 7, 2017 kpzhojlh


you buy a mobile phone or home appliances, is not already direct online shopping, rather than Suning, Gome, best buy than three,

3, now a lot of people are running in the direction of the mobile internet. This is about to see why many Internet business circle of friends of the high success rate of heinous, why their worth appreciation rate is like the rocket? You first have the correct values of the Internet, the information channel and correct judgment, although this does not mean you can succeed, but at least you can avoid some significant pit.

in the Internet knows, God carved sirloin products publicity is good, get more financing, but also the loss of some time ago; super table make fire again, require more VC investment, it is difficult to cover the unprofitable facts; Liu Chuanzhi Pan Shiyi Liu Tao, pan Apple founder, even to the fire also, still faces the plight of poor, resulting in large losses, so the question is, what the Internet business is a bull or a bubble, the following eight reality let you know where is the truth.

  SP world alliance, former Sohu employees out of a separate portal, the establishment of the world SP alliance, has experienced 9697 years, earning tens of millions of rmb.

4, offline things developed to the line, far more than online things to the next line to be easy. A lot of people talk about the Internet industry will say, flicker, burn and other terms; these are indeed the concept of this industry phenomenon is the corresponding data of every hue, and zhenjiamobian, there are dozens of people of the company claims to have tens of millions of dollars in investment companies, like the above said super table, said the impetuous or bubble well, really all right.

but what about your view of the Internet, especially the current mobile Internet? Has it really changed your life?

1, for the industry as a whole now. The development of the Internet industry is a big trend, and there is no doubt about it. Prosperity and bubbles can be seen as both sides of the coin and are inevitable. Now we can see that the mobile Internet is indeed very prosperous, but there is also a lot of moisture at the same time. After the entire wave of the Internet gradually faded, the ability to deal with may be a few, and then these enterprises will gradually become the backbone of the industry, and eventually become a huge enterprise, such as Tencent, ali. Remaining unable to resist the risk, can not quickly transition, only to die.

you’re in a foreign land. Wouldn’t you worry about losing your place because you got a cell phone map?

2, for practitioners of the internet. The Internet business and to work is not what difference, large companies have to keep pace with the times ahead, there are behind the dismal sink, in recent years the traditional giants layoffs withdrawal plant a lot, don’t BAT the future is guaranteed not to repeat it? The Internet business has advanced by leaps and bounds, is also unable to get up after a fall. Of course, from a macro point of view, the failure rate is quite low.

you hit a taxi on a rainy day, didn’t you add ten dollars and twenty pieces? A taxi sped up and knelt and licked it instead of shivering in the rain for two hours? 5, No.

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