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I really don’t know where I am and what’s in front of me. But after waking up, there is no complaint, no curse of darkness. I believe that this will not wake up, disappointment and regret, but brave and exciting! Black figure, facing the wind and rain, scorching sun, Browning used sand!!!!!! it will push the dust, flashing its dazzling shine!

file operation capability

view containers: views View, scrolling views, Swiper

good Internet spawned an Internet hero, NetEase, Sohu, Tencent, Alibaba, sh419, in recent years, the military is more prominent, 80 young people with discuz became millionaires, so many discuz products come out, the results also is only the birth of a Dai Zhikang, is not successful copy, just between China successful night will produce numerous copy, copy of these meaningless.

basic content: icons, text, progress bar,

operation feedback

devices: network status, system information, gravity sensing, compass,

Although WeChat

open interface: login, including signature encryption, user information, WeChat payment, template messages,

location: get location, view location,

forms components: buttons, forms, and so on.

network: upload and download capabilities, WebSocket

media set up: audio, pictures, video.


interface: set navigation bar, navigation, animation, drawing, etc.

small program published by a developer demo screenshot

small program was essentially a HTML 5 mobile web application, but often with those in the circle of friends scraper H5 game or application is different, WeChat small program to get access to more and more system. The first is data caching, which allows users to cache the main frame of a program to WeChat at the time of opening a small program, which opens quickly next time. WeChat founder Zhang Xiaolong said, WeChat, hope to achieve the goal is to "go out, no need to install and uninstall", that is to say when you want to use an application, only in the WeChat search can be directly used.

said, "WeChat apps" can provide developers with WeChat form, navigation, map, and the position of the development of media component based on a HTML, let them build 5 applications on the WeChat website. At the same time, WeChat also opened the login and WeChat payment interface, so that this "small program" can be opened with the user’s WeChat account.

legend of WeChat "application number" finally came, but its official name is likely to be "WeChat applet."". This time, WeChat is still in accordance with the Convention, the machine runs the data, the first "apps" open to the 200 WeChat service number the developer beta, and now the developers released a small program to display the user’s client.



, based on information provided by the founder of Fenng, a founder of, a small program that opens the following API interfaces to developers:


the Internet is no longer the land of Myth Creation, at least for you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to come to admin. Unless you have the will of a monk, you can withstand 99, eighty-one difficulties, and eliminate all distractions. If you are really that person, then I wish you good luck, you can go and try. Anyway, if you have some extra time, you this is to try to hold, no successful Chengren impulse, then you can try. If you want to live by him, my friend, I advise you to go away, otherwise you will end up with foam.

data: data caching capability

source: www.changzhixx.cn

on the Internet also fought for N years, I don’t know how many people are there in it really make money, I am not through the so-called "Wangzhuan" to earn money. I admit, perhaps because of the IQ is mediocre, but also please believe, at least I belong to the normal crowd. Every day, many people come to Admin5 to study and write some experience. But I believe most people are just people with "disturbed dreams". Of course, this includes me. In fact, a lot of people and I feel the same, holding 98% doubts and 2% expectations.

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