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1, product unit price is high. This shop’s product price is generally high, less than 200, the average price is between 300~600. Buy a total of up to thousand dollars. It’s a high-end product. Plus this brand is relatively new, from the evaluation can be seen that fewer people buy. As can be seen from this aspect, the conversion rate of this product will be very low.

Yang Ning said that his life seems to be God’s opportunity, one or two years to earn a lot

Yang Ning rethinking entrepreneurship pain point

analysis of some of their copious and fluent on product choice shortcomings, expectation and novice Amoy were discussed. For the next single page product selection, I think I will have more experience, and then share with you.

After the

editor Xiangde hit

25 days later, the more gratifying is that the weight of the site increased to 2, the main keywords are ranked on the first page, the top 3 are also many as shown in the recent ranking monitoring. But at this point in time, IP rarely, and at most reached 70, and more than a month on the line, has yet to produce benefits. I began to analyze the reasons.

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assumptions like these never come up with answers. Now, Yang Ning believes that he has made the choice in line with the trend of the times – the first generation of the Internet "cash man", and started the "entrepreneur" behind the entrepreneur. He has mastered or is still holding a lot of resources, but also away from the battlefield and users, and "angel" can make him more ground gas, and had two shot possible.

experienced three big ups and downs, but Yang Ning didn’t become a big brother. Over the years, not the hands of the project and the company continued to adhere to, and become the pain of Yang Ning entrepreneurship.

4, sh419’s natural rankings are related to hits. As the official has done a variety of sh419 promotion, hits are relatively high, leading to the official natural ranking is also high, generally ranked first. Some of the remaining ads do not point, look at the search results of customers, traffic basically go to the top ranked official website.

As one of the first Internet entrepreneurs to get tickets,

"Tencent, this mountain will be destroyed by itself."."

2, the product’s official website to do sh419 brand promotion. sh419 search main keywords, the first page of the brand promotion accounted for full, originally a small number of customers have been the official website to pull.

chance and give up


said Yang Ning love Pangzhengboyin, from the Spanish Super fleet of England territory. Wang Yangming said, from the doctrine of Confucius and Mencius mind, sounds like a literary youth, this is easy to ignore his technical background, he was the technical director of the Sohu early. He did not refuse to talk about the past, and even jokes that he is the Internet community "living fossil", but he can avoid such a "knot" — if we had not sold ChinaRen, will become the Chinese Facebook? If you stick in one direction rather than raise the sale, is now able to into the first big brother the

website, I started learning SEO, every afternoon to each big BBS to send the chain, basically to reply, every day the chain growth number is about 10~30, the number is not large, the quality is not high. Evening began to update article 1, pseudo original or original.

in March 17, 2012, I ran the website of a skin care brand. Because I am Taobao guest novice, not what good experience on product selection on single page, read some of the Raiders, will start doing the unsuspectingly. I chose the skin care brand, in line with the "sh419 index 100~1000", "Commission high", "competitive little" three principles, originally thought should soon be profitable, who knows I was wrong.

said these words, Yang Ning put his head onto the sofa back, put up his legs, narrowed his eyes, like waiting for the stones into the lake ripples.

"how would you describe your story to an entrepreneur?"

3, the official Tmall flagship store has done sh419 promotion. sh419 search main keywords, the second is "XX flagship store", "70 percent off limited time"". The remaining part of the customer has been pulled out of this.

"within two or three years, WeChat will be replaced, like micro-blog."."

This print journalist Zou Ling

thought for a moment, Yang Ning replied: "a about how to put the obsession and commit the story."

if these two words are what the average entrepreneur says, the most people will say he’s crazy, but Yang Ning has some sort of capital to judge. His life experiences like the ups and downs of the novels at the age of 24 with Chen Yizhou, Zhou Yunfan founded ChinaRen, a year after the age of 27 to sell; two business air network founder, after two years of listing has become the youngest president of the listed company; 36 out of third companies full-time angel investors. He believes that the observation of the Internet is different from others. "Behind all the great successes are the factors of self destruction."." He said.

5, long tail keywords. For example "XXX" XXX cosmetics how "how", although ranking on the first page, every day there are some traffic, but to the shop, because the first reason to appeal, resulting in the conversion rate is very low, so the loss of customers.

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