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        because the identity of advertisers through gateway upgrade, last week’s China Unicom mobile phone number query data is not normal fee, so this week to the revised data, a few weeks before the data loss will be borne by us alliance.


if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback ,


students still have bright future! Put your hands online, the knowledge and practice together, for the network of college students, don’t give up the network youth, do not madness, we really OUT! Socialization and marketing are closely related to our lives, even if we can not get temporary benefits however, we have a kind of marketing thinking, this is a rare component of university life!

      please being put on the identity through CPA advertising webmaster, abide by the rules of advertising, advertisers now on advertising requirements very strict supervision, if found irregularities, the data will not be returned, and cancel the cooperation qualification, please maintain a good network advertising environment, thank you for your support and with the!

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university network business, why not

until one day, that learning network marketing friend gave me some of the network marketing courseware text and video, I studied hard for more than 2 months, not playing games do not chat, learn Taobao and SEO. Later into a training institution to study online marketing SEO, although I do not know if I have learned so much, whether I can give myself a job, but I have learned the knowledge of mass marketing. Open your mind and vision, better understand society, understand marketing. I was a marketing major too, but the dead knowledge in the textbook didn’t interest me so much that I was not interested in it and didn’t like studying". But after learning such a long period of practical experience in social marketing, I find that the knowledge in textbooks is very valuable. It is very good to combine textbooks with actual combat.

of course, since the hard, I also behoove got their own return, with the help of friends in their harvest the first life "wages", successfully help others to complete the website optimization, system optimization and appreciation of my boss has Canada, with micro-blog, Sina website, blog, space platform the formation of three-dimensional network, optimization, help the boss to obtain a large number of new customers. In addition to the first Commission, I also help with routine maintenance and management. Six months later, I have received Commission 1.4W, and there is a fixed maintenance fee every month.

, everybody:

when the game is played >

in fact, entrepreneurship and learning is not contradictory, in fact, entrepreneurship is the process of learning. Learning is a more concentrated store of knowledge, and entrepreneurship also involves releasing the elements of knowledge. We learn all kinds of knowledge, areas we are interested in, more easily enduring, more perseverance to persist in creation. In this very large platform above, we have more opportunities to create, but many people chose to play games in the dorm, I always play games, of course, does not rule out the possibility of birth occupation game player, but more is Wanwusangzhi!

        China Unicom mobile phone number data can not normally return to this problem has been a few weeks before, this part of the advertising data advertisers do not settlement to the union, will have to bear by the league, and the advertising data from the beginning of this week to advertisers statistical revision and then return. After the advertiser’s gateway is repaired, the number of Unicom will be restored to normal.

I am a college student, and like many students love the Internet, or daily Internet access is relatively long. At the same time, often play games late into the night, often playing games on self that are not important lessons, even in the first round of learning their complete university dream — and is one to fail the exam, two door hanging. When you see your grades and your computer, you sometimes want to quit the web and study or start a business.

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