‘ve been a small game station for a few months’ summary

Aug 5, 2017 ddmycvlj

is this: I do a small game station is later from October last year, he did not carefully, so every day with more than 100 IP in disorderly fashion until the new year, Chinese new year also do not want to go to this website. This tube a Chinese New Year! Began to come to school, the school curriculum is so boring and uninteresting, even though I had wanted to build a small game station is mainly on account of it because of the traffic to the fast, but it should also not be too difficult.

I was wrong, but I still don’t feel very good to this day. When it comes to school over the years is the beginning of the February, at that time did not know how to think, to start construction of English station, February may be the degree of the past muddle along without any aim, March is the website for the beginning of the storm, I was all right when you close the site, service providers are not closed I, I was off, I just want to feel alarmed a little mouse, want to walk in the street but dare not go, then shilly-shally. So fast to the end of March, I finally decided, the website must record, the site must do.3 31 months to buy flat-share space, let help me record record, in April 10th by the record, immediately started data directly to buy others, and then began to collect, now collected more than 7000 data, I now also every day 20 to manually add data, The only thing to wait for is Baidu included to do SEO, but I think again, Baidu not included, how to do?


and I once again decided to promote human, let people remember your site, because the only way your traffic will not be Baidu like how to play on how to play, said that we all know. The biggest feature of flesh promotion than users with high viscosity. Then again who knows good everywhere, three minutes the heat and a few people know

?Up to now

I wrote the soft "100 common game websites — large formal website" and "soft, soft video promotion law" and now this one. Next I will consider the use of software to develop my video game station, now put this article to my little game stand http://s.www.7k7k123.com/ and then sent to Admin5 to get a reverse link, go to my personal blog, to send a straggler. There are many websites are collected from Admin5, so that there can also get a lot of repercussions link.

I think this soft text is not soft enough, this is just my personal summary of these months, people sometimes have to sum up, introspection, introspection, what they are doing in the end, what is


personal blog: http://s.www.sebga.com/

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