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| Sun Hongchao

and those who love a Internet Co Mister Tiexue, CEO Jiang Lei is just 30 years old this year with the age of steady and Tiexue enterprise admits, so its temperament, my character has similarities. Although the electricity grid business has become a model of vertical community transformation, but in Jiang Lei’s view, iron and blood is still a slow company, the need to establish a sustainable business model.

was commercialized by the predator

The entrepreneurial story of the

predator is hardly different from those of individual owners, and perhaps the only difference is that the founder is a legendary growth track. Born in 1984, Jiang Lei was only 16 years old when he founded the predator network. A few months ago, the Sichuan man walked to Tsinghua University with the first prize in the National Physics olympiad. In the commercial operation, the Shuoboliandu Jiang Lei chose to drop out.

from 2000 to 2007, is the second climax of the rise of the Internet community, a number of vertical communities can be described as a wave of the rising leader, a short period of time will have access to a large number of users. After a large number of users, the networks began to seek commercialization, and in 2004 the establishment of a technology company.

At the beginning of the

, Jiang Lei didn’t know how to translate his interests into interests, nor did he think that the future would begin to be an electricity supplier. At that time he was just a simple military fan, so the creation of a military forum, he still rely on their own interests to maintain this website: "the company started to focus only on the outside of the community, business models are not too concerned about. By then, the community grew larger and the funds were not enough to sustain the site’s development."

At that time,

has begun to pay blood for their authors, and broadband and server costs are also rising, compared with jagged profit pattern is unitary, which is almost the same as the other vertical community website.


community web site of the main profit way for advertising, membership fees, virtual products, Tiexue most did not start out of this range: "but the advertising business is not particularly stable, will worry about next month’s advertising can sell out every day." In 2007, Jiang Lei is hoping to find another way of profit, and advertising revenue two legs simultaneously become: "the other website will become the carrier of advertisement to operations and cash, but they are ‘help’ website, which the industry is ready, as long as the information service that it is done. But the military field site is "hack", is to enrich people’s spiritual needs, and daily food and clothing are not directly related to the industry, not to give us the support line, so there is no way to do the advertisement carrier like other portals like."

M65 brings business opportunities

finally, Jiang Lei chose the electricity supplier and took a look at the military industry. But unlike other electricity supplier industries, military products cannot get offline

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