Operating classified information sites half a year

Aug 3, 2017 spiqldfx

I have been doing local information network for more than half a year, I admit that my qualifications are not deep, but some do stand feeling, you can share:

1 and eight:

, a, to be refined, to be specific (local classification network is intended to serve the region, to be true for local information);

B, Jane, Jane is not to be accurate (classification too too small, too fine information will be mixed to boil, is difficult to manage. Must be the classification of Jane, with accurate positioning, let a person see and know);

C, want to manage, want to prevent (management is to manage well, not to say, do stand, someone to release on the line. Anti anti? What? – is to prevent false and illegal information, it must be good, or to give people the feeling or impression is not good, so long after a great impact, are more likely to bring "kill" disaster);

e, to control, to continue (management is good management, with the above rationale). To be continued is to adhere to, have now understand the grassroots webmaster do local classification information net income less good, no profit can not lose money, the terminal did not stick to it).

2 and seven good:

, a, function is good (function is good, not more is better), here is good, refers to practical function);

B, interface is good (many other people think or online have said that the interface is second, as long as there is good content on the line, if there is good content at the same time, there is a good interface, that may add points Oh);

C, navigation is good (navigation is good, direct impact on Web browsing);

D, a good experience (advertising is to put advertising, is to let the station develop more healthily, but don’t forget to do the basic station, if you intend to dump rubbish for transformation… Stand on


e, find a good (a station of information, and other people looking for information, this you have to do the station search, but also more affinity);

, F, and arranged (that is, all the distributions on the website, which is the core of a station, which I think is very important);

, G, good space (space refers to the virtual host or server, to be stable, more secure, I have encountered the host before the problem, lost all data);

publicity does not say, because this piece I do not very good! Say it out, afraid to mislead everyone is not good!


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