Learn from the 19 floor to create a warm atmosphere of online City home

Aug 3, 2017 reseoyvd

there are no two exactly alike people in the world, and there are no two identical websites throughout the internet. Each website has its own characteristics, which is its logo, different from other websites, because of this feature, attracted more users. Some websites feature significantly easier to enhance the user’s impression among the network talent shows itself. A remarkable feature of the 19 floor community http://s.www.19lou.com/ is that it creates a good atmosphere for the online city home.

19 Building Community in Hangzhou is almost the network media limited company owned by a city life service platform media and online home, by the Zhejiang city express first print media invested, as of March 2009, 19, has 2 million 900 thousand registered users, average daily page views of 10 million, reached 650 thousand passengers daily independent access to the user. From the official statistics, the 19 floor is the vitality of the attitude to meet the challenges of a new round of Internet, shirupozhu.

1 warm and gracious online city home.

The slogan of

19 floor is "share life, warm you and me", and the website really makes the user feel warm and comfortable. It’s very comfortable from website systems, web design and color matching. The 19 floor has the ability to spend, but also good at life groups, love life, share life, love the network, rely on the network. Whether it is the first landing or landing N users, you can feel the warm and cordial atmosphere of online home. Website development for many years, has accumulated a lot of popularity, each section also tends to perfect, this is a lot of new local forum incomparable. The long-term accumulation and improvement of culture, the 19 floor has formed a unique temperament, to attract groups of users settled in the community, to provide more and more exciting information and community stories to share.

2 home page navigation, recommend excellent works, form a good atmosphere for communication.

19 Building community at present in a relatively sound stage, why is the 19 floor, it is said that because the site is city express founded, and then express on the 19 floor, 19 floor, so the community name, so the site classification is also arranged to the 19 floor. There are many different sections. If there is no navigation, the user may be lost in the community. The home page recommended the various sections of the wonderful picture, to attract users to read. Community home page is the administrator carefully designed and collated content, will be able to retain users at once.

community has now formed a good atmosphere for communication, many users will first hand fresh information sent to the community, so that more users to share. Other users will also be interested in posting, reading articles are also particularly happy. In the community, users can feel the atmosphere of an easy home, share the desire to share, community administrators also actively encourage and guide, the whole community presents a peaceful scene. Of course, a good community atmosphere is not formed in two days a day. The new webmaster must go through the community website

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