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Aug 2, 2017 yulqsfbv

The United States

users, mainly in the 19-55 years old, this kind of user the ability to accept new things higher, willing to try new things, with changes in the structure of the user, such as more and more consumers after 90, 90 and pay more attention to the trend, a fresh and fun spirit, so the shopping play should also follow the trend of younger, personalized. There is no doubt that the live broadcast is the right one.

What is the live community?

is to live Master beauty in the form of live by Professor beauty tutorial and interact with the audience to attract traffic, and guide the user orders to buy goods, in order to improve the function of a website GMV, specific analysis is as follows:

is organized by user – scenario – Requirements: live community business logic

product function form

core business logic

note: red for the order process, blue for the live process live community function highlights

, the United States and the United States live compared to ordinary live broadcast, compared to the general function is not very different, the difference is mainly reflected in the Star shop and video connections on two functions:

Star Store

poly beauty live broadcast, the main purpose is to improve the platform’s GMV, where the star store features rely on the anchor’s reputation recommendation, is conducive to the formation of the anchor recommended, fast user purchase conversion

video link

Beauty makeup tutorial in the general difference between

anchor broadcast live, the more emphasis on interactive video, for example, beauty makeup tutorials for different skin girl, girl may use different cosmetics are not the same, the use of video link can help anchor the intuitive, the professor It differs from man to man. to achieve the best effect, and only a single top three of users have this right, help to improve the activity of

and GMV live community data performance

poly live in improving the operation of GMV, the data is not very optimistic, specific analysis is as follows:

The main purpose of

‘s live broadcast based on the United States is to improve the platform GMV, so the key data index is GMV, according to the formula:

GMV= active users x conversion rate, then I at noon today 10:00-11:00, we focus on observing these two indicators, the results are as follows:

active user data

according to my observation, during this period of time, in the broadcast anchor only 7 people, the whole number of people watching around 60 thousand, interactive area reviews more low frequency, mostly consulting class, gifts are very few. But it doesn’t rule out today is the week, the time in the morning, we don’t have a.

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